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Not only is China conquering Olympic gold, but apparently animation school over there is taking huge leaps compared to what actually was/is — Legend of a Rabbit, I’m looking at you [1].

Until I ran into this link to YinYueTai on Weibo.

Here comes Zhang Zhe (å¼ å–†) — I can tell these Mandarin classes are paying off — whose animation, titled Paper War (纸片战记), is of the mixed media kind and took 9-freaking-months to make at The Animation and Digital Arts School of the Communication University of China (中国传媒大学).

You can check some posts on Peruvian animation~

I don’t know how I missed this back in December~

oh well~

This is pretty cool animation.

You can also learn more about the process over at

Who remembers those days when you were in class not paying attention, doodling on your notebook?

A great set by Ben Heine combining photographs with his “doodles” or the other way around.

Pencil Vs Camera - 12

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Or also known as Love ~ I Won’t Say Goodbye ~ the emotional animation version.
Yes, it’s actually the “emotional animation version”.

How can the little pollitos make such a sad PV?