Yu Aoi & Odagiri Joe for Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Over Fence

September 9, 2015 — 2 Comments

Tell me the truth- did you miss this enthusiastic me? All these up to date project announcements take me back years into fandom when we all used to talk about all things Yu! Anyway, the latest in one of the few project announcements in Yu Aoi’s repertoire [1][2] is that she’s set for Nobuhiro Yamashita’s latest film titled Over Fence (オーバー・フェンス), which is an adaptation of a story in the anthology Kogane no Fuku (黄金の服) by Sato Yasushi.


The film also stars Odagiri Joe and Shota Matsuda.

Over Fence completes a trilogy based on Sato’s stories, beginning with Sketches of Kaitan City (海炭市叙景) and The Light Shines Only There (そこのみにて光輝く).

Sources: Eiga.com, Film Business Asia

2 responses to Yu Aoi & Odagiri Joe for Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Over Fence

  1. OMG!!! This news really makes me soooo happy. I’m hoping that the film will turn out really good. Good enough to create a big buzz and make its way around film festivals. ”,)

    • Well, The Light Shines Only There was the official selection for the Academy Awards ;) Looking fwd to The Case of Hana & Alice first, and then Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s latest- we’re about a year behind xD. I just recently saw Climbing to Spring without subtitles.

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