Wannabe Distributor: Ai Love

July 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

Welcome to another random edition of Wannabe Distributor!

Today’s pick of film is the Taiwan/China co-production of LOVE (愛LOVE).

Working on the marketing for this movie, I had to go through a lot of marketing issues. First, the name. It’s true that the title of the film is kinda… only the character for “love” and that the English title is “LOVE,” but I just didn’t have the guts to call this “AMOR” because it’s just so vague~~~ Single-word generic titles irk me.

Note: Sorry, couldn’t find an English subtitled version of the trailer. T_T

When we combine the character for “love” which is 愛 (ai) and the word “love” in English, and end up with “愛LOVE,” which is read “ai love” sounding like “I love” is something different — I think some of the marketing for the film has been using this play on words. So I stuck with that title, taking it as a chance to sound different to Hollywood rom-coms, as well as introducing a little Mandarin Chinese into the market.

The next problem, of course, were all these faces. As much as I would love it to be true… Shu Qi and Zhao Wei, or non of the others are pulls for audience down here. So… as a form of introduction, I had to put all their names on top of their photos instead of listing all their names like in the original poster~~~ so I think it does look a bit clustered.

Of course, I could have gone the super easy way and just use the “LOVE” poster of just the painted text and avoided all names and faces. LOL But that’s cheap, isn’t it?

Also, I’m just super lucky that February 14 next year is on a Thursday, the days when new movies usually open. LOL Even though I really REALLY hate the 2013 year. It gives me really bad vibes.

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