Glee Quote of the Week – S01×12 – Mattress

December 6, 2009 — 3 Comments

Late quote, anyway~
I was listening to the Glee OST *sings*
I’m having trouble accepting there won’t be Glee for months.

Glee - 1x12 - Break into the Business

I can cry on demand. It’s one of my many talents. I am very versatile, and aside from nudity and the explotation of animals, I’d pretty much do anything to break into the business.

so true, Rachel. so true. LOL

3 responses to Glee Quote of the Week – S01×12 – Mattress

  1. was anyone reminded of Mary Cherry’s
    “I’d do anything to be popular. *anything* “

  2. Dudette! I was up at 3 am last night and what do you think came up? Popular!
    I had this bizarre night, couldn’t sleep and almost many of the old series one used to love were on. Xena, Popular and so on and so on.
    *sigh* It was so nostalgic watching Popular. Makes me think that Glee is the less crazy version of it. I also got a sign that I should watch Glee, guess who guest starred in the episode I watched? Yes! The crazy cheer-leader coach!
    Bizarre dudette, so vary bizarre.
    Btw, I was reminded that i used to be a huge Harrison fan back in the day, Mary-Cherry was off the hook and yeah, I kind of need a Popular marathon right about now!

  3. lol! You saw “I know what you did last spring break?” so funny.
    I lurvvvv Harrison. xD

    Some people say that they think Ryan Murphy will be re-using the storylines for Popular he didn’t get to use. Gosh, I want and don’t want Wednesday to come.

    I saw a photo of the actress that played Lily the other day, she was at the wedding of the actress from Mad Men. LOL crazy stuff. xD

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