The Disgusting Dog Challenge!

December 23, 2010 — 5 Comments

Have been challenged by Joel~

Puppy jam :)

I generally don’t like animals because the smell bothers me, and the licking. I don’t plan to have a photo of a gross dog in here, so cute puppy dog has to do ;P

So let’s start with it, shall we?

3 TV Shows that I follow

Dexter – the 5th Season just wrapped up, and even though it’s not as life-dependent as when Season 4 ended, I’m eager to see the next season… but the year-waiting is going to kill me.

Glee – Haven’t been as ardent with Glee since… the Britney episode, I think… but I still like it. You gotta love to hate Ryan Murphy, though xD He really needs to get his act together and cast Tuva Novotny as Quinn’s big sister ;P

Modern Family – I don’t think the 2nd Season of Modern Family has been that good either, as I haven’t laughed as much as I laughed throughout the whole first season, but still holding on to it ;P

3 Things I have done today

Finished transcribing some texts.

Fixed some coding.

Made Xmas salutation graphic.

3 Things I long for

More time in a day, so I can get to watch more stuff… and get more time to write about these things.

That the pimple inside my ear vanishes, because it hurts like a bitch.

Good food for the holidays.

3 Things on my Wishlist!

Mary and Max

Europa – (The Criterion Collection)

Y The Last Man Deluxe Edition Book Four (Y: the Last Man)

or, you know… any Joan Crawford film that’s not included in the Vol. 1 or Vol.2 or Straight Jacket or Rain.

3 Things I Hate

Disney child stars post 2000.

Ebola Hilton.

Transparency talks, when there’s no such thing xD

3 Must-haves for a Heavy Metal fan?

Sorry, don’t listen to Heavy Metal, but I can suggest 3 Must-listen artists for new Chinese music fans:

– Mavis Fan (Fan Xiaoxuan)
– Bibi Zhou (Zhou Bichang)

And finally~~~ I don’t know who to tag, so anyone can share their ideas below!

5 responses to The Disgusting Dog Challenge!

  1. Love the puppy! Merry X-mas Amy!

  2. You… don’t like… animals??! :(

    In any case, Merry Christmas Amy!

    • Lol, no… in general not an animal-loving person. It’s fine when they’re on tv, but face to face? xD I’m way to city girl for that. LOL

      Merry Xmas, Castor!

  3. you don’t like that cute puppy?

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