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December 11, 2010 — 1 Comment

See, it’s been over a year since my last shoes-talk.

I’ve been renewing my wardrobe because my uncle loves to pick on me for using jeans and tees… and I keep telling him that anyone can dress smartly if they want to spend money. So I’m retiring my Tripp pair of jeans with orange stitching that’s so torn because I’ve used it for over 3 years, and I’m changing it for expensive jeans.

I’m switching my tees, for shirts (long and short sleeves), as well as suits and over $100USD jackets. I’m wearing ties, and vests, and I just need more than one pair of boots.

And I’m picky with the boots. I don’t want delicate expensive boots, so muggers in the street look at me thinking they can mug me. I want tough looking boots, so they think I can kick their butts.

But mainly, I wanna say — see, uncle~ we can dress whatever we like if we pay for it.

But damn those Fluevog stuff are expensive. I’m still chicken shit to buy shoes online because shoes are so specific. I did buy shirts online, though. They fit perfect. But Korean (or I guess, Asian) size makes me feel fat. I bought everything medium or large. O_O

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’ve managed to eye on the Fluevog online shop.

First the burgundy Bankers, which are supposed to be for men but they seem like a good alternative to the Angels, which I own and are unisex.

I want something burgundy to go with my pink-striped shirt. Coz I bought that shirt without thinking about what to mix it with. Most of my stuff are grays or black or white, or navy blue… or brown. xD

Then there’s the Paul boots, which are unisex. I love those over-sized eyelets xD

And as a bonus, I’d like this messenger bag xD

Lucky… or unlucky for me, there’s no Fluevog shop here. xD

One response to My Fluevog Wishlist

  1. oh shopping!
    yeah buying shoes over the internet is somewhat difficult. The only shoes I buy over the net are textile shoes, cus u can never go wrong with them.
    But then again, I am such a shopping pro that I can look at an item and know exactly if it is going to fit me!
    The second pair of boots are ossssm! Buy those!

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