LAMB Acting School 101: Natalie Portman

December 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

I have to find time to do this one. After all, I’m a big Natalie Portman fan.

Large Association of Movie Blogs

Fan-worship sort of officially began in 1999 – pretty sure. After all, teenage years is the time to fangirl over anything. So just to piss EVERYONE off, I’m going to be talking about her least popular films. LOL

Yup, I’m picking Anywhere but Here, as well as Where the Heart Is – take that film fans! LOL I’m not sure if I’m doing reviews of those, or what. I should probably re-watch them if I’m doing those. I just wanted to post this to keep it in mind, instead of the link on my bookmarks.

Anyway~~~ Any Natalie Portman requests?

Also, Amy/Natalie Portman facts~

Both my parents think she’s the best. But then again, if you ask my mother the name of any other young actress, she can’t come up with any other names… that must mean my mother thinks Natalie Portman is super-famous.

My dad is still requesting a sequel to Leon. Get it, Natalie? Let’s get that one rolling once and for all.

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