Oh, Simple Shoes! For I Have Found You!

April 4, 2009 — 4 Comments

I tend to buy stuff… depending on the stuff – I tend to buy more (dvds, cds) than regular people, or less (clothing, shoes) than regular people – in fact~~ I can probably buy a dvd/cd a week, but I tend to buy clothing once or twice every year or two. Truth be told, the last pair of sneakers I bought was last year  (expensive Fluevog boots in 2005, and 2 pairs of Converse in Shanghai in 2004) and that was because my 2001 Adidas are really REALLY used up… and even then, I prefer using that 2001 model than the new one. In my belief, the new Adidas I bought (which look pretty similar to the 2001 ones) don’t measure up to them. Sure, they are fresh… but won’t measure up to different weather conditions.

The 2001 Adidas have traveled around the globe with me~~ they’ve visited L.A, Beverly Hills, San Francisco… they’ve been soaked in rain there – mud in Cuzco and Machu Picchu. They’ve been with me to Vancouver, stepped on many airports around the world, including Narita Airport in Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, numerous airports inside China, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Toronto… They’ve been to Spain, Sweden and Finland, etc etc. They’ve taken the heat, they’ve taken the rain (and my feet didn’t get wet!!) – Those Adidas are MAGIC! I tell you!

My 2001 Adidas

So I cannot seem to part ways with them.

However, before them… there were my Simple. I bought them perhaps a year or two before those Adidas, and there was a time I didn’t use them, but I eventually went back to them.

Selfportrait 011

That photo I took in 2003 in Vancouver as part of the ‘self-portrait assignment’ – but they busted, so I brougth them once again and left them home, and then they disappeared. LOL’ Anyway, in 2004 I was looking for a new pair, but couldn’t find them online. A search for “simple shoes” didn’t turn up anything, until today!!

Turns out, the company sort of changed during the years I was looking for them… so I couldn’t find them. LOL’

Those sneaker-suede shoes look a bit chunky though~~~

Simple Sneaker Suede

And apparently, Simple (many of them, at least) are now Eco-Friendly!! LOL’ And I just love these ones…

Simple Eco-Friendly The Ryde

This one apparently is made out of car tires, cotton and plastic… and~~~

Simple Toematillo Boots

And those are made of cork, bamboo, car tires, cotton, hemp and coconut. O.o Nutz~~ PLUS! the “simple – shoes for a happy planet” and “less > more” taglines, I love. xD

4 responses to Oh, Simple Shoes! For I Have Found You!

  1. Where I can buy simple shoes why their web is not responding?

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