Only One Week to YAM Mag~

December 8, 2010 — 7 Comments

Wow, haven’t posted anything in two days xD

Been working… and working on the YAM site. Still doesn’t feel finished… but I think it’s working. However, haven’t gotten any time to watch any movies extra films. And Julz still hasn’t emailed me anything *points finger* *shakes fist*

The only author’s page I’ve got is mine because no one’s emailed me their bio. LOL or photo~


Also, I’ve bought clothing on YesStyle~ tun-tun-tun!

7 responses to Only One Week to YAM Mag~

  1. U know how I love to send everything close to dead line… no but dude.. give me a few more days things are hectic rn

  2. My Twitter bio should suffice. J/k.

    What else could I send you for YAM?

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