Twitter 101

September 17, 2010 — 11 Comments

My head hurts. Can anyone type Twitter tips here? I could really use some of them with YAM’s account. Or better yet, take over it, so I don’t need to? xD

Tell me why can’t you just type “@” and get an automatic list of the people, and then get the names as you type the user… u know like tagging people on facebook? LOL Isn’t that common sense?

11 responses to Twitter 101

  1. I'm still trying to work it out myself! :)

  2. This is a test by the Ghost Writer ;P

  3. Twitter isn't really that great imo, it is so fickle and tweets can easily go unnoticed if you follow more than like 100 people…

    • That's true. It could happen in FB, but they do have the difference between "most recent" and "top news" so most-liked posts get noticed.

      and how much can "over-tweeting" mean?

  4. I agree amy they should change it to the facebook approach when searching for people. Using Hash tag is a good way to get noticed more. #Inception post your tweet among other inception posts. But I keep forgetting to do it.

  5. Actually, there is that feature where you type @ and the list of twitterers you followed, will appear. It's on the #NewTwitter. Got new features and what not. Try it out! Let me know if you have any problems. I've been using twitter for a while, and it's loads of fun! :D

  6. I found another feature Twitter should add – be able to search your old tweets. Something how the Flickr search works. If you're in your photostream/twitter profile, the search bar should look within that space. So if you look for Kanye in your profile, you should find your Kanye mentions xD

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