My 2018 Letterboxd Year in Review

January 8, 2019 — 3 Comments

After years [1][2][3] of data; Yes, it’s Mamamoo’s fault. The positives, though, I have registered 31 more hours than I did last year with an extra 18 movies. My movie-watching in general got better because I managed to watch 132 brand new 2018 movies (compared to the 103 in 2017).

This year, I didn’t make any particular movie goal. Though, some of my favorite movies this year were Indian, as reflected by my latest highest ratings. No one has been able to surpass my love for Rene Liu’s Us and Them so far, though. It’s been an incredible year for… not movies made by Netflix, but they have expanded their distribution library enough to make it interesting.

My goal for this year is to increase the titles I watch; seeing that from this interview at Film Independent, the guy from IMDb states that “You should feel disappointed if you haven’t seen 700 movies in a particular year [laughs].” O.o I don’t feel half bad about registering half the amount of movies the guy from IMDb watches. Just saying.

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  1. Wow! I only watched…55 movies, because of life. Most of them were in October (horror theme) and November (film noir theme). But this was still a major movie-watching year, because I was able to go to art theaters I haven’t visited before, and was able to watch two films in the theater by myself! (a big deal if you know my protective mother. then again, they were both in the small theater in the museum near her workplace)
    Of course the highlight was Zama, with Lucrecia Martel speaking! But I was so glad to actually go to non-school-related festivals: San Francisco International Film Festival, for Ulam, and one of the French noir films in the Roxie’s yearly festival.

    Even was able to watch a film in a foreign country! Okay, so it was Ant-Man and the Wasp while I was in Manila, but it was watchable for me and it entertained the extended family we were visiting, and I was glad to see the SF Bay (and even embarrassingly shouted out loud when I saw UC Berkeley, my alma mater).
    ok, back to life, and catching up on 2018 music oop

    • Oh wow! Going to the movies in another country is always an adventure xD I bet catching a Filipino film in the theaters is tough even in Manila, though. Is it not? I only watched like 3 Peruvian movies xD so that’s about 10% of the output this year.

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