Glee Quote of the Week – S02x04 – Duets

October 13, 2010 — 5 Comments

Sincerely, this has been Glee’s best episode of the 2nd season so far. We learned a bit from the characters, and the music didn’t take over. There was plenty of funny moments. However, I’m lazy – so this might be my last Glee Quote of the Week. Picking a quote each week is turning into “oh I don’t know what to pick” so it actually takes a lot more time than it did before.

With this post, I want to get off the hook in case I find it difficult next week.

Julie Andrews needs to be Kurt’s grandma, or auntie after his fierce number of Victor/Victoria. And talking about “aunties” – Tina, ain’t nothing wrong with dim sum. Or chicken feet. The Asian in me really wanted to use the chicken feet quote… because I can’t imagine salad with chicken feet. LOL

Having said that. What a gay episode. Rachel and Kurt are meant to be fag-hag and main-gay together. Brittany did Lady and the Tramp, but she had no one. Artie’s being a bitch. But the biggest bitch of all is Santana. The difference is that I like bitch Santana, and I think Artie’s just being a jerk. He’s all like “poor me, you took advantage of me”. Suck it, Wheels!

BitchSantana may be a major bitch, but still ain’t bitch enough to battle the biggest bitch of all. Santana meet Nicole Julian – I think you’re both known as Satan in your respective universes.

There was also cheerleader make-out scene. O_o

I’m like a lizard. I need something warm beneath me or I can’t digest my food.

I like that she doesn’t take offence in comparing herself with a lizard. xD

5 responses to Glee Quote of the Week – S02x04 – Duets

  1. OMG! this episode bitch slapped me twice! XD – I totally agree!!! Artie is poor pitiful me… it was my first time…
    I loved Tina's song… her asian boy can move his tush! XD! I loved Brittany's scene – Lady and the tramp… it was gonna cry… and Kurt learned his lesson… No means No!

  2. This Lady & the tramp moment was great :)

    I totally agree with u Amy, the two previous episodes were really disappointing. Maybe the show is back on the tracks… let’s wait and see.

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