Faye Wong for Harper’s Bazaar

Oh, Faye Wong – you look the same in all the photos, but you still look so cool xD

My friend Ada who was in town told me she was missing Faye Wong’s concerts by a hair, and then she said “but good for me. You would have killed me if I were going” – I almost died with jealousy.

You know, before there was Gaga – there was also Faye Wong. I mean, she did wear a shoe on her head during her Faye Live Tour Concert DVD. She wore A SHOE ON HER HEAD. O_o

More photos via Aiya They Didn’t.

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  1. Faye Wong's great. I especially like her mid-90s period when she was besotted with Cocteau Twins, and made some great ethereal anthems (if that's not a contradiction). Apart from that she's a bit hit and miss, but her most recent album was good.

    • Her most recent album… as in 2004? To Love is one of my fave albums, but I haven't been able to find the album for buy. I have her 2001 Faye Wong album, and her Restless album from… 97?

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