Glee Quote of the Week – S02x02 – Britney/Brittany

September 29, 2010 — 4 Comments

Didn’t love the Britney episode. Heather Morris can dance, but not dance and sing. My fears were confirmed – Brittany’s on-liner awesomeness is too much to handle on one episode. I couldn’t even laugh that her name is Brittany S. Pearce. And despite her having a great performance on Slave 4 U — inlcuding VMA 2001’s Birmanian python, yup I watched a lot of Discovery Kids as a kid — I just didn’t care.

Actually, Brittany and DentistStamos was just… so awkward. LOL Same with Me Against the Music.

My fave of the night was Toxic at the assembly because it was the only song included in the storyline without drug-inducing the characters… and Artie’s Stronger – sound-wise – it was the most like the original song. But yay! Emma and Terry are back!

I didn’t find any particular quotable quote, but here’s the line that reminded me of the WB’s Popular with April Tuna, Emory Dick. I’m pretty sure Ryan Murphy is the only man on American television that’s constantly using the word “frottage” on national/international tv.

Becky: Hey, Coach! The Glee Club is doing Britney Spears for the assembly, I just found out.
Sue: Becky, you’re on Red Alert. If you see any awkward teenage frottage perform that citizen’s arrest we practice.

Also, I didn’t like Rachel’s shot-by-shot of Baby One More Time or how it sounded – okay, it’s time for us to either say that Britney can sing Britney songs… or that Baby One More Time only works when Max Martin works on it… or Travis… or Sodagreen. Or I was probably too distracted by the hardcore abs of one of the backup dancers. I guess Lee Hyori, Pink, or Son Dambi should give up the fight now.

Sorry Lea for such an unflattering screencap. I’m usually not like this.

4 responses to Glee Quote of the Week – S02x02 – Britney/Brittany

  1. Disappointment also comes from all the buzz about it months before the broadcast.
    Performances were good but script was awful. I like few lines (the Brittany S Pearce thing, « Leave Brittany alone » and such) but the whole storyline was crap, well… no… problem was there was no really storyline.

    • yeah, I know this was a problem from the 2nd half of the first season, but at least in those episodes I found something to hold on to. This, by far, has been the worst episode of the whole show.

  2. 2×03 was a way better, but still I wonder where they’re going

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