Lee Hyori and her Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Six Pack

Hyori-unnie, I really like you as a person, but I’d trade those high heels you got on for some comfy sport shoes and a rocking choreography. I really like when you start the car-thing, but really… those high heels don’t do anyone any justice on the dance floor.

Having said that, the net is BUZZING because you appear to be packing-a-six with you.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see the six-pack even on HD, so if you wanna see the six-pack Hyori-unnie is showing off, you’re gonna have to head over to All KPop. If you want my “professional” observation, those abs are make-up. She’s got them, don’t worry… but those six she’s showing off on that screencap are too cinematically perfect. Yes, she’s got a hot body. Yes, she can totally kick ass on any Pop princess around the world.

Do I think you can have a Six-Pack-Off against Pink?

Maybe… we are in need of a six-pack assessment~~~ xD
After all, Pink has a MEAN six-pack.

3 responses to Lee Hyori and her Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Six Pack

  1. Triste, SUJU estreno su cuarto disco y no es gran cosa, aunque Bonamana si te pone. El último disco de Lee Hyori es genial, hasta ahora el mejor disco del 2010.

  2. No me gusta mucho SuJu, aunq la otra vez se me pego
    Wo de Super Girl LOL

    No se si el mejor album del 2010… comparando solo korea?
    aun con las “controversias”?

    me gustaria q Hyori use menos tacos y baile mas en sus presentaciones…

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