Jing Chang featuring Lollipop’s AoQuan – Loyalty

5th single already? If you paid attention, I posted Jing Chang’s 4th single just a week ago.

Otherwise known as 義氣 (Yi Qi), referring to the spirit of loyalty and self-sacrifice. Aiya They Didn’t is reporting Jing Chang will be releasing a re-packaged album by the end of the week (Aug. 13th), which will include:

  • 6 music videos [4 singles + Loyalty + 不再聯絡 (Bu Zai Lian Luo) – Lose Contact]
  • a Loyalty commemoration poster
  • a Mending card [is this Hao Le?]
  • and a birthday party invitation (????) xD

Not sure why this is a 5th single, since it’s not included in the copy I’ve listened of The Opposite Me, but it’s kind of a nice rock/dance song. Kinda weird… but I could dig.

I’m considering purchasing this re-packaged album. Seems like a good deal.

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