BiBi for Elle China

September 17, 2011 — 1 Comment

I never, in my life, would’ve thought that I would ever post a photoshoot featuring BiBi. Alas, here it is at the heels of promoting a new album and a new single — Black Apple [1] — BiBi looking quite fashion.

I can almost hear her BiBi laugh in this picture.

Okay, those eyebrows… those eyebrows are pretty strong and call to much attention, but I got a thing about eyebrows anyway [1]~ so they’re actually a bit amusing.

In general I like people with understated makeup, so I prefer BiBi when her makeup doesn’t show much. The last photo with the starry dress, she looks stunning. Her face (and her hair!!!) are flawless. I almost never get to say this, but her hair is flawless and flow-y… the most manageable it’s ever been.

BiBi, get Gold Typhoon to hire that hair stylist ASAP!

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