Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce – Telephone

Ok, I don’t think Interscope or Gaga knows the meaning of “Clean Version” LOL, but oh well. I’m posting the “Explicit” version, which is not very “Explicit,” just a couple of Mother F Words, and some very brief nudity.

I thought this could give some competition to MIA’s Born Free for Most Talked About, or Best Long Form of Music Video, but it didn’t have the same impact. It does have a better balance of Music and Video, though.

In the case you don’t wanna see the Explicit Version, or you can’t see it because you don’t have a YouTube account, or you’re underage. Here’s the Clean Version link.

Things to point out? Gaga did a Smooth Criminal move right when getting out of jail, right? And Kill Bill’s Pussy Wagon makes a big appearance, right? xD

Also, licking the bar of your cell? Kinda gross.

Also gross? Smelling Gaga’s cigarette glasses…

I don’t know if you know my thoughts on Gaga? [just added a lady gaga tag here], but I don’t think she’s the best. She’s interesting in today’s music scene, and her live performances are events. Her music is so-so, her dance is so-so, but it’s all about the whole package, right? She freaks me out in a way I can respect her. Having said that, I would love to photograph her concert.

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