Beyoncé – Why Don’t You Love Me

I have never enjoyed Beyonce’s music, ever since she began her solo stuff, but then again… a lot of people seem to like her when I read stuff online. I think it’s funny no one I know really likes her music.

Anyway, apparently… this is new stuff. And Beyonce here looks totally committed to the look. I don’t like the song, but the style of the video is nifty. However, with videos like OK Go’s This Too Shall Pass, and M.I.A’s Born Free – I doubt this particular one has any chance of making it to the list of Best Music Videos this year.

2 responses to Beyoncé – Why Don’t You Love Me

  1. Saw a minute and then ended the video. I don't like the song and the video is cool but yeah, whutever.
    I do have her latest album in iTunes and there are some good songs in there, but it is hardly one of my absolute favs….

  2. OMFG u can reply! Spify!

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