VMA’s 09 Afterthoughts

September 13, 2009 — 5 Comments

Actually, VMA’s are still going… 45min left, but I’m kinda bored.

First, it’s though to follow up anger Janet Jackson. Ever since MJ’s passed, I’ve been listening to the HiStory album like crazy – Most Played album on my iPod xD and I’ve been hallucinating about Janet performing Scream, because Scream is an “I am pissed” song and I love it for it. I love it when they go “stop fucking with me/makes me want to scream” – I love it. MJ says it with such conviction. Everyone loves Thriller, Billie Jean and Bad, but it’s all about Scream and They Don’t Care About Us for me.

If my mom hadn’t been watching with me *legasp!* I would’ve cried after she finished her performance.

So I loved the MJ tribute from Janet. I imagined her breaking the glass. I had dreams (hahaha) about that song of her (plus someone else to do the duet) trapped in a glass and breaking free. So I kinda got my wish xD

And then, that was a hard act to follow. I cheered for Taylor Swift xD with her skinny legs and all~~~ and Kanye is a dick (and so is Beyonce, kinda xD). Green Day requesting for more music videos played on MTV, followed by a commercial of FAN VAN with Green Day… the reality of fans competing for something. Right…

I wanted to like Taylor Swift’s performance, but I thought it was too sweet for a Subway performance xD – but she looked like a dork, and I support dork. I like her a lot. And Kanye still a dick.

Performances are kinda weak. Good attempt with Lady Gaga, but more than a great performance it was trying to be different. I looked when she began bleeding, very theatrical but it did nothing for me. Beyonce does nothing for me… and I’m still waiting for Pink.

Muse performance > Green Day.

why is this still on? Lainey said it’s over. MTV Latin America is delayed for at least 30min! WTF~~~
En Vivo my ass that rocks.

Geez, is Pink a circus performer now? That is crazy, how can she sing upside down?? And I absolutely worship Pink’s hair. I wish I had straight hair, the crazy things I would do with my hair xD

Anyway, I think it’s up from last year’s mess.
More music videos, less reality.
More musical numbers, less commercials.
Better music videos, less has-beens as hosts.

5 responses to VMA’s 09 Afterthoughts

  1. I’m not too fancy of the VMA’s, but the host really blowed and Kayne’s a dick. And I don’t like or hate Taylor Swift, but it sucked that Kayne stole her thunder and puts over Beyonce, who sucks as well.

  2. I just saw the vids and yeah Kanye is a major bitch. I did love what B did when she received her moon-man but yeah, MTV ain’t the same….

  3. hahaha
    Kanye is a dick!! xD
    major consensus~~~

    the best part, MJ tribute! xD

  4. Ah, yea… MJ tribute was pretty much expected to be the best part.

    The Kanye-Swift segment is basic pro-wrestling booking… Kayne heeled on likeable Taylor Swift and then followed by Beyonce’s nice gesture to let Swift finish her speech. This will be talked for a week and all 3 will still sell on iTunes and Taylor Swift continues the John Cena push to mega-stardom. Good booking, lol.

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