VMA 2010

September 12, 2010 — 1 Comment

Dunno if I’ll be watching the show. I don’t even know who will be performing xD But if there’s any highlight, if there’s any complaint… it sure will be posted here. LOL

I like Chelsea Handler. Her intro where everyone’s spanking her was pretty funny, but because she couldn’t really take a very direct jab at reality stars, her game wasn’t that good. Besides, almost nto one huge was there… was Beyonce even there? Eminem left… Justin Timberlake was there as an “actor” and… well, Lady Gaga was pretty much the biggest star there without considering Usher (did he win anything?), Taylor Swift, Kanye… and well, okay – Justin Bieber.

Also… Cher. So so wrong xD and the meat purse. LOL but really, what a waste of meat. Instead, Gaga should’ve gone as Joe Calderone (was that the name?) – Really. WASTE OF MEAT. Unless, of course… she eats it, but I doubt that.

The biggest winner of the night? HELLO, VMA 2010 SET DESIGN.

The set design was so awesome, I was distracted from most of the performances. I really REALLY need to find out who was in charge of that set and do a post on it. At first I thought it was Usher’s genius use of light, but no… it was the SET. Even Kanye’s performance was perfectly placed in that PUUURRRRfect set.

And oh… Winners

Lady Gaga won for Bad Romance
Best Dance Music Video
Best Female Video
Best Pop Video
Best Choreography
Best Direction
Best Editing
Video of the Year

and only one – Best Collaboration with Beyonce – for Telephone.

Eminem for  Not Afraid won 2
Best Hip Hop Video
Best Male Video

while 30 Seconds to Mars (Rock), Muse (Special Effects), Justin Bieber (New Artist), Florence and the Machine (Art Direction), Jay Z and Alicia Keys (Cinematography), and The Black Keys (Breakthrough) won one each.


Eminem was okay. I think he moved the microphone away too fast, so he actually wasn’t singing into the microphone when you could hear his voice. I still don’t know why Rihanna looks so bored on stage.

Usher – I thought his was cool… until I realized it was all the stage. But it was nice use of the stage nonetheless.

Justin Bieber – was… better than I expected, which you know – it wasn’t much. But his use of that simple stage was fine, even though most of the heavy-lifting was done by the back-up dancers.

Taylor Swift – very much improved from… whatever last time she performed on that silly subway walk performance. Again, the stage improved the performance, it had some very nice shots with light backdrops. And… does she always perform wearing no shoes? It feels like it’s not the first time I see her shoe-less.

She also dishes those high notes in a very awkward position xD It’s like… she’s too tall xD

B.o.B’s performance with Paramore was fine. Once again, the set was pretty awesome. I liked it more than Drake’s performance. I still don’t like Drake’s voice pitch.

Linkin Park‘s exterior performance was pretty cool too.

Best of the night, however?

Florence and the Machine with Dog Days Are Over – watch here if you’re in the US – this is the only other crappy version I could find at the moment… not even a nice resolution photo.

Watch it here.

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