TV Coming Out Moments

April 9, 2010 — 2 Comments

“Don’t cry. It makes you look like a girl”
wise, Amanda, wise.

In honor of little Justin’s coming out on Ugly Betty, which I haven’t seen in ages. AfterEllen has put a list of their favorite Coming Out on TV Moments~


I may not be watching Ugly Betty, but even that short clip was sweet and tear-inducing. Also making their list is my favse Glee and Buffy… as well as some others.

Check them out. What say you?

2 responses to TV Coming Out Moments

  1. I dunno… I don’t think that coming out is such a big of a deal.
    But the Ugly Betty one was very cute, but way overdue….

  2. LOL yeah, but it seems just like in the show…
    everyone knew Justin was gay…

    I also agree about coming out, it’s not like straight people need to sit their parents down and tell them who they will be bringing home to dinner next time.

    Said that, I also think famous people who come out (not necessarily on a magazine), but like… hmm… someone who lives out of the closet and is famous is important. Just because a lot more people know them. It’s like having a lot of tias who will care for Ricky Martin like a nephew xD

    I also think there should be more out bisexual people on tv…. and/or that are famous. And I’m not talking about being bisexual because it gets guys hot and bothered. Or bisexual because they’re promiscuous.

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