Vital – Airport

Is this the new contender for this year’s Best Abstract Music Video? It seems like it, because I love me some shiny things. I can just look at shiny stuff all day… I love how pretty light looks… especially with Depth of Field.

You can also download six tracks from the Vital EP.
Directed by Takafumi Tsuchiya.

3 responses to Vital – Airport

  1. *Gasp* TRIPPY!!! My surname’s Wong too!!!! *faints* I nearly freaked out. Funny thing is, I actually googled ‘our’ name, and your site turned up. So I’m actually very excited that you, the famous “Amy Wong” visited “MY” blog. :)

  2. LOL, I know, right?
    I was googling the domain, and ran into your site. I thought it was interesting, so I read the archives and noticed how similar some of our postings are. For example, I was about to post about wearable lettering too. And I also follow Montreuil, since I’m Peruvian xD, and I also loved the 51st Grammy ads.

    And nah~~~ the “famous” Amy Wong is the one on Futurama. xD

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