Kuwazugirai: Yu Aoi vs. Okada Masaki

The 40min. segment from FujiTV’s Tunnels Thanks to Everybody that aired the day before the opening of Raiou… is actually pretty fun. Plus, Yu Aoi talking about food.

A popular segment in which Tunnels and guests take turns trying to guess the food the opponent hates the most.

We need translation for this one xD

Loads of interesting facts, it seems… like Yu owning a shaved-ice machine.

And Yu tearing up when laughing. Does anyone get that when they laugh?

[iframe src=”https://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XMjE3NTU1NzA4/v.swf” width=”480″ height=”400″]

I think this is really REALLY worth watching, even if it takes 40mins.

She gave great relaxed interviews last season to promote Raiou.

10 responses to Kuwazugirai: Yu Aoi vs. Okada Masaki

  1. I’m sorry. Have to comment on my own post because this is too funny – totally unexpected ending.

  2. It looked like a very funny interview…too bad I couldn’t understand a thing. And that’s some talent Yu-chan has at the en

  3. Osaka es bien monse. Yu cuando come le salen hoyuelos, se ve linda.

  4. Se escribe Okada, pero lo monse nadie se lo quita

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