Itoh Tube and Yu Aoi?

December 4, 2009 — 2 Comments

I have no idea abut this, but I ran into this story from Walkerplus~

As most fans know, Yu Aoi is represented by Itoh Company — whatever their actual reputation is — and here comes a story with the title “Itoh Tube leaking Voyeuristic Videos of Popular Actresses!?” WHAT? I hope that by “Voyeuristic” in Kanji, they mean “insightful” otherwise… WHAT? LOL

From what I could gather… meaning from what makes sense on the Google Translate. It seems like Itoh Company is re-vamping their YouTube Account (because prior to these random releases, their channel was rubbish) by creating a sort of a series featuring their signed artists… including Yu. It seems like those VH1 “Diary of…” where they followed x singer/group while they were preparing a concert, etc. It’s supposed to be going into the life of x idol while they go about their business and personal life… I think.

Here’s Yu’s Itoh Tube space. There’s two videos at the moment — one of Yu’s Itoh Channel intro and her own intro *minna-san, aoi yuu desu* xD and a short Making of the latest dancing Kirin CM. I only understood, “It’s been a while since you last dance” or something like that.

I’m impressed at how she manages to change her voice when talking and sponsoring. One seems very serious and even very grown-up, and then she goes on her “work voice” totally high and chirpy. Like two different people. LOL

What you think?

2 responses to Itoh Tube and Yu Aoi?

  1. -I’ve known her for 2 years, she is so pretty and talented, everyday as I start using Internet the first thing I do is looking up whether there’s any news and new video of her on that day, if not I then again watch her old videos which are cute and innocent and make me feel happy. I’m in Viet Nam now, far far away from Japan, I wonder when I could meet her in real life as a crazy fan !!!
    -I did want to join a forum which is all about Aoi Yu for long time ago, you know, there are some but in Chinese or Japanese which are hard to understand, if you know some english-written forum, please tell me, I’m very appreciated.

  2. Sorry, I don’t really know of any forums in English, just the usual stuff like her threads on jdrama or d-addicts, but they aren’t really that active, I think. That’s why I began blogging her this much. You are welcome to subscribe this blog, we post often (or as often as it’s possible), but we don’t focus too much on random scans, and we try to talk a lot about films.

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