Ooh la~ Actor Spotting: Osric Chau

November 12, 2009 — 22 Comments

Osric Chau

If I talk about interesting faces on screen while watching 2012, I should be talking about Osric Chau, the monk practicioner — How do you pronounce his name? I have no idea. At the moment I’m saying it with a thick Scandinavian accent. LOL He is 23 going on 24 (born on July 1986) so we are practically the same age! He’s also Canadian! From Vancouver!

And that photo is adorable, but apparently he’s an exceptional martial artist, and shared the screen with David Carradine and Daryl Hannah on Kung Fu Killer.

He’s also got a website! Not a very good one — is that Bradley Sans I’m seeing? — but you can contact him and his management from there. There are also photos and some updates. If he googles himself, I hope he ends up here. LOL — Hey, Osric! How do you pronounce your name?

22 responses to Ooh la~ Actor Spotting: Osric Chau

  1. he is cute, I might get the other Aisan nerds to grant him a fanbase…

  2. hahaha
    “Asian nerds” xD

  3. Oh my, google is quite impressive isn’t it? Connects everyone and everything somewhere someway. I get google alerts to my email which doesn’t usually come too often, but it brought me here.
    My name is pronounced ‘Oz’ ‘Rick’, pretty simple, most people call me Oz though.
    And what’s wrong with my website?! My friend made it for me and I thought it was awesome :)

    Also.. Asian nerds are the best. I’m one, my roommates are all as well.

  4. Osric!

    I had a feeling you’d end up here. Welcome!

    I was pronouncing your name right =D Congrats on the movie, saw it at a press screening. What language were you supposed to be speaking? Keep in touch, hope to have you back with another comment~

  5. Oh cool. Thanks, I’ll bookmark this page till I figure out what’s wrong with my website! really, feedback would be great, so I can get it fixed up.

    Thanks, I was supposed to be speaking Tibetan, was not easy. I did the audition in Mandarin, but the two languages are not similar at all. I did have a Tibetan dialect coach on set with me so he really coached me through that.

  6. Hold on.. you went to VFS? What highschool did you go to?

    Crazy resume btw.

  7. OMFG!
    Hi Osric! *waves*

  8. Hi there Julili, hehe.
    I’m very flattered :)

  9. And I am very intrigued!
    I saw your resume and it is very impressing!
    About your site, well, it is a bit dark…. and you need more half naked pics, chicks love that….

  10. Your website looks GREAT to me
    Oh and great job in the movie your a great actor! 2012 was AMAZING!!!

  11. oh i forgot Hi!

  12. oh and i don’t have a website i just wanted to say hi

  13. Noted Julili. The half naked pics will be… Iuno, depends on my next film. Kinda egotistical if I just put em up randomly. I am staying in shape though, so maybe i’ll do that just before i decide to get fat :D
    And thank you Luis!

  14. Hi again! I got a question do you ever feel nervous when your acting?

  15. oh your welcome! i always forget something.

  16. @osric: Kind of like Kim Catrall in SITC, take some great nude pics before your body gets old so that in the future you can look back and say: “damn I looked good!”
    Not a bad idea!

  17. Lol, at Julili’s comment. I’ll keep that in mind ;)

    And to Luis: Depends on the scene, who and what’s invovled. I get most nervous when the pressure is on other people. Even on really easy scenes for myself, if someone, whether it be a camera man, stunt guy or anyone has a really tough task to do, I get nervous cause I just don’t want to screw it up so they have to do it again and again. If I have hard scenes myself I just prepare it as best I can and let my instincts take over on the day.

  18. Oh! Ok! Thanks for your anwsers .

  19. merry xmas .. how many language did you used to speak.. mr osric….

  20. Used to speak a few. Cantonese is my first language.

    I now speak (in order of fluency), English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese.
    My Mandarin isn’t great, but I speak it with more ease, although I understand Cantonese much much better.

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