Yu Aoi and the Rest of 2009~~~

September 15, 2009 — 4 Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of the year… only 3 proper months left!

Anyway! I was checking YesAsia stuffs and turns out Ikechan to Boku will be released this coming December 4th… sadly, no English subtitles listed. TuT So I’d figure we’d list what’s left of upcoming Yu related stuff (without counting magazine and CMs appearances because frankly those are hard to keep track of).

October 9th, 2009
NHK – Gakuya Presentation

October 15th, 2009
2009 Calendar Launch [Amazon.co.jp][HMV.co.jp]

eh… Nov? xD

December 4th, 2009
Ikechan and Me DVD [R2, no subs] [YesAsia][Amazon.co.jp][book]

4 responses to Yu Aoi and the Rest of 2009~~~

  1. I’m still waiting for Letters from Kanai Nirai, One Million Yen Girl and Gaichu to come out on DVD with english subs! Do you think they ever will?

    This schedule for the rest of the year is depressing if you’re a Yu Aoi fan. I hope 2010 will be a more active year for her in terms of making films.

  2. Kanai Nirai… I doubt.
    Gaichu… isn’t? Maybe the Taiwan version… oh yeah, only Chinese subs. xD

    The more hopeful is One Million Yen Girl, which I’m also looking forward to at least as a Hong Kong version. But i hope it gets a better release than Hito no Sekkusu, because frankly paying $15 for a DVD with no extras is kind of a downer.

    2010 looks even more gloom. Since there’s only Otouto in January… there hasn’t been any film announcement. Crossing my fingers for it~~~ Maybe even crossing my fingers for that NHK Taiga drama rumor hahaha. Prospects of seeing Yu once a week for a year is great… plus, that San Francisco station subs those Taiga drama which would mean a whole lot more exposure.

  3. I guess the only option I have then is to learn japanese! Then I can finally see those movies.

    Hopefully Iwai gets it together and puts Yu in his next film.

  4. I’ve seen an online copy of Gaichu with subs, if you google hard xD – I am pretty sure it’s on LiveJournal. It’s more of an Aoi Miyazaki though, in case you’re expecting to see much Yu in it.

    One Million Yen Girl has also been fan-subbed… faster than Hito I think, because it was a more popular film.

    I don’t “speak” Japanese but I “got” Kanai Nirai. But I’m sure it would have been better if I had understood all the dialog.

    Iwai and Yu… both haven’t worked on their films much lately xD – But I am kinda curious about that Kon Ichikawa docu he did.

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