Yu Aoi in India, GINZA Mag, and Minami he on WOWOW

June 11, 2011 — 4 Comments

It seems like I haven’t blogged about Yu Aoi for a while. I certainly haven’t checked her website, so I’m a little out of the loop.

The title on this post may be a little misleading. I don’t know whether Yu is in India, but the cover for GINZA Magazine for the July edition seems to indicate something similar… or maybe it will just be “India style”. Who knows~

See the bottom title on the left?

Aoi Yu, something about color no INDO he.

While checking Yu’s website, I also found out that WOWOW will be showing a broadcast of Minami he~ it would be super awesome if someone took the time to record that and upload it so we could watch — even without subs. LOL

Minami he – WOWOW
July 8th, 11:30pm

Yup, that’s it.

what have you guys been up to lately?

4 responses to Yu Aoi in India, GINZA Mag, and Minami he on WOWOW

  1. I saw Welcome To The Quiet Room recently, without even knowing Yu was in it. It’s pretty good, although she’s a bit underused. And I saw Otouto too. I really liked it – the best she’s done for a while, but I’ve not seen Raiou yet. Apart from that, I got a job and hurt my leg.

    • @ersby, hope you didn’t hurt your leg because of the job.

      What did you think of Otouto?

      I remember the first time I watched Quiet Room, her speech on why she didn’t eat left me cold. It was really good, in a “wow, I didn’t know Yu could pull that off” way. I haven’t re-watched that since then… but I did re-watched One Million Yen Girl last night.

      • @Amy, no the leg and the job were entirely seperate.

        I liked Otouto. A great cast, and a good story – it could hardly go wrong. And I’m a sucker for that kind of story – the black sheep of the family who is forgiven at the last minute.

        I’d completely forgotten she was in Flowers, though. Is it any good?

  2. I loved Quiet Room though it’s been a while since I watched it last. Should give it another go. Otouto was truely a gem. I also managed to watch Flowers and I liked it very much: nice portrayal of several women through a journey in time and generations. Aoi Yu looked awesome and pulled some nice acting again, I must say that the presence of Yuko Takeuchi -one of the loveliest J actresses- really was a bonus…

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