Take a Plane – Watch Honokaa Boy~

June 17, 2009 — 4 Comments

That’s one of Yu’s films released this year. FYI.
[more info here]

I was reading an article over at wildgrounds.com about why Japanese DVDs aren’t English subbed, and I got a link to… Inflight Entertainment~~~ *wha~~~~* One of these days you’ll take a plane… and without knowing it, you will be able to catch Honokaa Boy with English subs!!!! [Current Movies at Emphasis.net]

honokaa boy (Drama)

Film Festivals:
– 2009 Hawaii International Film Festival
– 2009 Cannes Film Festival

Based on Leo Yoshida’s novel, honokaa boy features sensational young talent of the year, Masaki Okada together with acclaimed veteran actress Chieko Baisho in this touching, coming-of-age pic.

Leo (Masaki Okada) is an awkward young man, not quite at ease with the world. Accompanying his girlfriend on a trip to Hawaii, their temperamental personalities clash and the relationship soon falters.

Six months on, Leo finds himself living in Honokaa, a small town he stumbled upon whilst on his Hawaiian holiday. Through his job in a movie theatre, he meets Bee (Chieko Baisho) and strikes up a friendship with the elderly woman. Leo’s comfortable existence however soon comes to an abrupt halt when he encounters local girl Mariah (Jun Hasegawa) and her presence in his life triggers dramatic consequences….

Cast: Masaki Okada, Yu Aoi, Jun Hasegawa, Chieko Baisho
Director: Atsushi Sanada
Duration: 112min, Theatrical
Category: PG-13
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English
Territory: Worldwide ex Japan

*sighs* it’s all about the money, eh?

4 responses to Take a Plane – Watch Honokaa Boy~

  1. 「honokaa boy」DVD
    dvd releade:2009/09/16

  2. buah~
    JP DVD prices always kill me, xD

    but good that it’s got English subs! However, I wonder how much of the film Yu’s in for.

    I wish WOWOW would release Hyakuman-en with English subs already! LOL

    Oh, and Camouflage… *raises fist in protest*

  3. I really doubt Aoi Yu appears for more than 10, 20 minutes tops in honokaa boy. :/

    She said in the jyounetsu interview that it doesn’t matter how small or large the role, she only considers it if she likes the movie/ the moral of the story. I guess that’s all well and good, but she needs to make more movies like Hyakuman-en where she appears on screen all the time!!

    And I really liked Camouflage except for the 3rd story (with the sisters). I disliked the old American family sitcom throwback with the canned audience laughter. Ugh.

  4. yeah, there isn’t even a still of her on the website, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong section.

    I liked Camouflage, but my fave chapter was the 1st story hahaha. I liked that whole cat turning into old man thing xD – and my dad laughed out loud on the 3rd one, but yeah… that one was weird.

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