CatchPlay Taiwan for One Million Yen Girl with English Subs!

November 11, 2009 — 6 Comments

YesAsia keyword alerts suck. LOL

CatchPlay Taiwan has released One Million Yen Girl with English Subtitles on Region 3, if anyone is interested. I will wait a month or so, in case a Hong Kong version shows up — though both would be Region 3 DVDs. In any case, I need to make a bigger order if I want to get it.

If you enjoyed One Million Yen Girl, you should buy the film =D

you know, to support Yu’s career, and that whole “she can carry a film on her own” concept.

Plus, it’s English subs, man!!! You need to be supporting Yu Aoi English Subbed projects~

6 responses to CatchPlay Taiwan for One Million Yen Girl with English Subs!

  1. You’ll be happy to hear that I ordered this about a week ago from YesAsia. The estimated arrival isn’t until sometime in December, but I’ll let you know about the quality of the dvd and if there are extras, etc.

  2. I will wait for your thoughts about it then ;P
    Though I doubt there’ll be any extras…

  3. Hey, just got it in the mail…..really disappointed! Here’s why:

    Instead of there being pictures from “One Million Yen Girl “on the inside of the DVD case, there’s a huge advertisement for this lame Sci-fi movie called, “Pandorum”, which the DVD manufacturer will also be releasing. Then when you first play the DVD, there’s this 2 minute trailer for “Pandorum” that comes up and there’s no way to fast forward or skip it….you have to watch it.

    As for the extras, there’s a behind-the-scenes special, a Yu Aoi interview, and the trailer. However, NO ENGLISH SUBS for any of these!!! I was so disappointed because the interview and the behind the scenes documentary cover alot of material, so you’re really missing out if you don’t understand japanese.

    As for the dvd quality, I skimmed through the film and it looked fine. I won’t know for sure until I actually watch the entire movie to see if there’s any glitches.

    I would either wait for the Hong Kong Version or wait til its released in Region One with English subs (if that ever happens!) I think the only way the special features will be subbed is if they release it in region one.

    I also bought “Don’t Laugh At My Romance” with English subs, so I’m doing my part as a Yu Aoi fan!

  4. hahahaha
    “I also bought “Don’t Laugh At My Romance” with English subs, so I’m doing my part as a Yu Aoi fan!”

    Good for you! And Yu… lol.

    And dream on that Region 1 Hyakuman-en DVD. LOL Unless Viz decides to license, which is very VERY unlikely, there won’t be any other company that would. Though, in case anyone at Viz Pictures finds this post, Viz should totally license all (or most) Yu Aoi films. Loads of market for it. No competition. Loads of subbed-films-hungry Yu-chan fans. xD

    There’s also the hopes for a “special” HK version. My Memories of Matsuko dvd which is a “special HK edition” came with subbed extras. So there’s hopes on that one.

    Great dvd review, by the way. I hate it when most people review the film instead of the product.

  5. Okay, I recently watched the film on dvd the whole way through and the subtitles are horrible! Grammatical errors, Mis-spelled words, and it has different and worse English translations from the fan-subbed version I watched online. The best example of this is the scene at the end of the film when Yu and her ex-lover lock eyes and then Yu gives him the brush off and walks away…..the version I watched online had her say: “Like that’s ever going to happen.” I liked this translation because it was empowering for her, especially with all the dumb stuff that guy put her through. In the dvd, they have her saying something stupid like, “No way, he won’t come with me!”….which doesn’t really make any sense in the context of the film.

    I first watched One Million Yen Girl online and the fan subs were far better and more professional, which is pretty sad…next time I’m going to stay away from CatchPlay DVD’s and I suggest you do the same. When you buy the Hong Kong version that hopefully comes out, let me know how it is. I might just have to buy another copy of the film in a different version….seriously, the Catchplay english translations made the film alot worse in my eyes.

  6. Woah, no kidding O.o
    Sounds AWFUL!

    Well, I read that the guy that fansubbed Hyakuman-en (I think he was the same that fansubbed Hito) works on translation or something. I might have read wrong, or dreamed that though. xD

    I will let you know when/if a HK release comes out. Usually the HK releases are fine on their subs, but I usually think that fansubbed projects tend to be more accurate since they REALLY care. For example, I thought fansubs for Hula Girls were much better than their release on Region 1.

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