Asian Music Round-up

March 28, 2010 — 12 Comments

27 Asian Music Albums OWNED. [One, Mirotic… thanks Julz~]

That’s like 50 regular Western music albums in price… just so you know.

Over 240 Asian Music Albums HEARD…

it’s been 2 busy years of Asian Entertainment…
and I can’t seem to stop~

musicians and idols~ I can’t hate any of them…
and they’re making me broke xD

12 responses to Asian Music Round-up

  1. I think I will send you the Toho best selection album. I ordered 2 different version! (it seems I am becoming that kind of a fan).
    If you have heard 240 albums, man how many have I heard? I think I will say about 150 but that is cus Korean loves minialbums! XD

  2. LoL! Lets see. Started to listen to JPop in April of 2002, when I bought my first iPod. Must have bought my 27 album by October or November of that same year. Got around 12,000-15,000 songs in my iTunes library and I listen to around 500 songs a week, so you can do the math. Have listened to a lot of Japanese music. Listen to a few Korean and Chinese singers/bands, and Bjork, but for the most part it is all Japanese.

  3. wow 15k… xD
    I’ve only got around 3500 songs in my iPod… though I have albums I haven’t added yet. xD Those songs get about 9 days of non-stop music… and nearly 20Gb

    What would you suggest for some Japanese music? I’m only listening to Salyu, Miyavi and Shiina Ringo… oh, and Kobukuro, with some Ayaka… and very seldom Utada (I thought Heart Station was a fine album) LOL and I really wish Anna Tsuchiya wouldn’t sing. xD

    I’m more into Chinese bands =D and artists. And I would really love to see Faye Wong live. xD
    Once in a lifetime…

    Julz! “it seems I am becoming that kind of a fan” aren’t we all?
    Koreans and their mini-albums… and the Japanese and their singles… xD
    I’m really more of a proper studio album person ^^

  4. Here is my LastFM page.

    I happen to live Anna Tsuchiya, but she does have a voice destroyed by too much smoking and drinking.

    If you like Hikki then you should definitely try Yui.

    I would also recommend Rimi Natsukawa, Aya Kamiki, ikimono gakari, Spangle call Lilli line, Cocco, Nana Mizuki, Go!Go!7188 and my favorite singer in the world Chitose Hajime. Rimi and Chitose are both from Okinawa and they take different approaches in melding Okinawa Shima-uta with pop. Aya Kamiki and Cocco are rock singers, although Cocco is more of a pop singer singing rock. Spangle call Lilli line is indies rick, and Nana Mizuki is a seiyu who has managed to become so popular that she hit #1 on Oricon. Oh, and Go!Go!7188 is rock, but it is song by a woman who could be a great Enka singer.

    That should keep you busy. Oh, and if you want I will send you links to video’s on YouTube, and I can send you and invite to JPopsuki if you want to download some music to try.

  5. Oh, and I forgot AI who sings my favorite song Story. She is an Urban singer from L.A. who danced with Janet Jackson’ on her Go Deep video. I can listen to her every day.

  6. Oh, AI is on Memories of Matsuko xD
    that song, Love is Life is one of my faves on the OST =P

    I’ve heard ikimono gakari, I liked their song Sakura (happened to find it on a fanmade vide with Yu Aoi xD). I’ll check out some of those you mentioned… specially the more Okinawa fusion stuff.

    How about Mika Nakashima? I liked her as Nana, I was thinking of checking out her stuff, but I read people complaining she should stop smoking coz it’s really messing up her voice.

  7. LoL! I liked Anna Tsuchiya’s Nana better. A lot of people love Mika, but not me. Just have never taken to her voice, but if you like her in Nana, then you must already like her voice.

    I can’t believe I didn’t mention UA and clammbon. If you like Salyu and Bjork then you will like UA. She sometimes does pop, sometimes Jazz, but all is very good. clammbon is a three piece, keyboad, bass, and drums, pop-jam-art-rock band. Hmm just think electronica, pop and rock with jazzy chord progressions.

  8. I am going to be sending u the black edition of the best selection album!
    I bought it more for the dvd but I don’t need it!

  9. Oh, Julz! Split from the same egg! LOL
    buying stuff for the DVD xD

    Bill, does JPopSuki do torrents or does linking?
    I preview most my stuff on LiveJournal =P

  10. Torrents, but if you want something that I can get I can put it up on my dropbox and you can download it. If you are deadset agains torrents than go to I prefer JPopsuki because they just have so much music, especially older music from the Showa era, and a lot of indies. You probably aren’t going to find Spangle call Lilli line or Candies on nigihana.

    Oh, and if Julz wants a Jpopsuki invite then I can send her one too,

  11. I’ll take the JPopsuki invite =D
    I’ll send you an email xD

  12. Sent it.

    Since it is a closed tracker there aren’t a lot to go around, but we VIPs get special privileges, namely unlimited invites, so I will give them to people I trust, or you trust, that are regular posters on your blog.

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