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April 24, 2009 — 9 Comments


I found this… thought it was cute though I can’t really get the questions… O.o

I really need someone to translate… LOL’

— June 30 2009 —
I hard-subbed this with kitty’s translation (which is below the break) alongside a link to the original YouTube video. Hope you like it =D

— June 18 2009 EDIT —

Thanks to kitty for this translation.

( by the way, “Club Keiba,” literally the “horse racing club”, is a campaign to promote horse racing in Japan. that’s why the MC is asking Aoi Yu these questions )

MC “This is the “Club Keiba” quiz… huh??”

MC “I will now ask you trivia questions about horse racing only a crazy fan would know. There will be 20 questions in total. Please answer using True (Circle) or False (X). Here’s the first question:

‘Yes, that’s right!’, ‘Soccer Boy,’ and ‘King Kamehameha’ are among some of the many unique horse names one hears at the race track. In fact, there was actually a race horse named “Melon Bread”. True or false??

MC “Correct! Did you answer based on intuition?”
Aoi Yu “Yes”
MC “Is that so. Here’s the second question. Please look at this image. This horse is the JRA character mascot. His name is Derby-kun. True or false?”

MC “False! You’re right! By the way, did you know the answer? … Again just a guess?”
Aoi Yu “Yes..”
MC “Yes! The right answer is Taffy-kun. Please remember for next time. By the way, what zodiac sign are you?”
Aoi Yu “I’m a Leo”
MC “Okay, here’s the third question: A majority of Japanese race horses are born under the sign of either Aries or Taurus. True or False?”

MC “Tough luck! It’s actually true. A lot of Japanese race horses are born in the spring. Forth question: Thoroughbreds can sleep standing up. True or false?”

MC “True… By the way, have you ever fallen asleep while standing?”
Aoi Yu “Yes. I can sleep standing up.”
MC “Really!? That’s impressive! And you’re correct, it’s true! Horses can also sleep standing up. Interestingly enough, horses sleep an average of 3-4 hours a day. Do you sleep longer than that?”
Aoi Yu “I sleep much longer. Close to three times that amount.”
MC “Really? Well, let’s continue. Fifth question: Iwaki city in the Fukushima prefecture is famous for its hot springs. In Iwaki, there is a hot spring specially for thoroughbreds. True or false?”

MC “True.. That’s right! Have you heard about it before?”
Aoi Yu “I was in Iwaki for a short time. I haven’t seen this place, but it seemed… plausib…?”
MC “Plausible! I see. The name of the onsen is 競走馬総合研究所常磐支所. ( The Jouban branch all-inclusive race horse research facility. Based on the wikipedia article, however, It seems to be less a resort and more a water-based recuperation facility. )

MC “That’s the last of our trivia questions. Thanks for your participation!”

Aoi Yu: “Thank you! ….How many did I get right?”


9 responses to Yu Aoi – Club Keiba Quiz CM

  1. learn jap!!!!

  2. baw~~~

    did u see the video? xD

  3. Here’s the translation ( done to the best of my ability ) if you still need it.

    thank you

  4. kitty,
    your translation is very much appreciated.

    CM’s very funny~
    she can sleep standing up??? Ha!

    I dunno anyone who does that~
    but I know loads of people who sleep close to 9-12hrs

    I have friends who take 4hrs. naps too, some of them can probably try sleeping standing up… some others can sleep properly seated in class (very useful for late night lectures in the dark), and there’s also the ones who fall asleep when talking on MSN, which gets me MSN talk of “hoaserhjeurhsehrser jeoer setihjsetio” gibberish.

    thank you again, =D

  5. Wow, you got that up quick. XD

    Let me know if you need anything else translated!
    Aoi Yu is absolutely precious.

  6. aha… that’s dangerous territory right there. LOL
    There’s a huge lack of translations for Yu Aoi stuff…

    aoinohoho has two old videos on the releases of Dandelion and Travel Sand, which I will be posting later.

    You can try this MTV Yu Aoi and Yoko-san interview.

    And if I dare to push it…
    these are long interviews, but it will be nice to get them English subbed.
    Top Runner.
    and Jounetsu – which perhaps is the most popular interview.

  7. subbed video is up.
    right answers: 4
    wrong answers: 1


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