Yu-chan on Shokuzai not getting fansub interest

You know I have to do it… LOL

I wanted to add one more panel, but I thought it would be too spoilerific of the episode. I really really REALLY hope and wish someone subs Shokuzai because it’s only five episodes, and buzz seems to label it as “the drama” of the season because of the amount of talent involved [1].

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  1. haha.. it won’t be for long though.

  2. Thanks God the sub is fast now! The story and casts are absolutely amazing, not to mention Aoi Yu <3
    I thought it was a normal serial drama with 10-12 episodes. I was happy to see Aoi Yu and Ryo Kase for that long. But turned out it is only 5 episodes :(
    But I don't mind. I just watched 2 episodes and can't wait for new episodes xD

  3. So happy I found your blog. Ilike Yu a lot. But can’t find her movies subbed on the internet. How do you deal with that?
    Movies with Yu Aoi I’ve seen so far:

    All About Lily Chou-Chou
    Hana and Alice
    Shining Boy and Little Randy
    Memories of Matsuko (I didn’t watch some parts because I was making tea for my family *SIGH, but the parts I saw, there was no Yu Aoi there? ._.)
    Hula Girls
    Sugar and Spice
    Welcome to the Quiet Room
    1 Million Yen Girl

    and that’s it…

    • Hi, Juliane :)
      I’m happy that non-Japanese-speaking Yu Aoi fans still find their way into my blog, even though it’s not as active as it used to be.

      In regards of Memories of Matsuko, I have a specific post on it.

      As a non-Japanese-speaking fan, I deal with a lot of un-subbed Yu Aoi material. LOL If you check the Film Discussion tag, you’ll find most of the I’ve been able to watch with subs… and some without. From the ones you’ve seen, the only one I haven’t watch is Sugar and Spice – is that a prominent role?

      The others I haven’t see are:
      – 1980 (impossible to find online, and no release with subs)
      – Mask de 41
      – Umineko (no subs available that I’m aware)
      – Jukai (also impossible to find – I heard she plays a baddie in that one)
      – Tetsujin 28 (even though it’s available on DVD xD)
      – Miyori no Mori

      And well, I haven’t had time to watch Nodame Part II yet. While Shunji Iwai’s Vampire hasn’t been released on DVD yet.

      The films I’ve seen without subs are:
      – Henshin (not very recommended)
      – Letters from Kanai Nirai (recommended even without subs)

      Hmmm… I should definitely re-start my film discussions because I haven’t done one since 2009, I think. LOL and there’s many movies that were pretty good~~~

      You are welcomed to discuss all the other films – I have almost all of the films you’ve seen on the blog except for Sugar, One Million Yen Girl… and well, Matsuko xD

      • Hi Amy. Thank for replying. hehe
        I loved your blog, because you seem to be a loyal Yu Aoi fan ^^ I can’t find many Yu Aoi fans in the internet. I tried to search, but can’t find any English-speaking fan-sites or anything that are still active…
        The funny thing is that my parents are both Japanese but I was born and raised in Brazil so I can’t speak Japanese. haha
        I forgot to list ‘Don’t Laugh at my Romance’ (I liked seeing her and Shugo Oshinari once again!)

        • No kidding, huh? Brazilian? So we’re neighbors! I could probably understand most of what you would write in Portuguese :) My start on Yu fandom was something like yours too… but at that time, her LJ community was a little more active than it is now… so I’ve kept at it.

          You should’ve been around back in 2009 or 2010 when I talked about Yu several times a day LOL

          I understand about not speaking Japanese… after all, I can’t speak Chinese! I think it might be something to do with being so far away and not having much exposure to the language… my cousin is half-Japanese/Chinese and I speak more Japanese than him. LOL

          I also loved Shugo and Yu on Don’t Laugh at my Romance :)

          By the way, how did you get into Yu Aoi?

          • Yes, I am! haha
            Well, I wish I knew her earlier, she’s a good actress.
            Now I regret when I was younger and my mom wanted to teach me Japanese but I wasn’t interested at all…
            I’m not sure what was the first movie I saw with Yu Aoi (I think it was Sugar and Spice, back then I didn’t notice her…), but after seeing ‘All About Lily Chou-Chou’ I liked this movie so much that I liked every character/actor… lol Then I think I watched ‘Hana and Alice’ or ‘One Million Yen Girl’ and became a fan!
            I liked her as Miki a lot, she stood out in ‘Welcome to the Quiet Room’ more than the main lead, imo. I also admire her for losing weight to act as an anorexic. She’s very dedicated.

          • Never learning when your parents want you to- being there, done that. LOL

            So what is Sugar and Spice about? I like Yuya Yagira because of Nobody Knowns, but I’ve never ventured into watching that one because I didn’t think it was a prominent role for Yu… but then again, so was Shinning Boy and Little Randy LOL

            How about her dramas? Which ones have you seen?

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