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From what I could gather, Kim Shinyoung is one of the MC (host) in KBS’s Invicible Youth, which I’ve never ever seen. However, I ran into a clip online, and I couldn’t help but keep on searching…

Not long ago… on December last year, Kim Shinyoung was awarded Female Variety MC Newcomer.


Not only does she stands out in a room full of celebrities… she also does pretty great dancing parodies. Just check her out as Kim Tae Woo… full on drag [she actually has the same jawline as Justin Timberlake], or doing her version of Bi’s Rainism… HUNGRISM. xD And don’t miss out her rocking version of Wonder Girls’ So Hot.

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  1. She is the hardest working woman in Korean entertainment. Girl is doing everything! I am amazed she is still alive cus she is hardly getting any sleep.
    If you want to watch IY then you have to dl it. Only soshi’s international forum is subbing it and they are only sharing it in their forum. I can try and get it for you if you want it!

  2. If you are a huge fan of FO then you are going to love IY. Some of the girls are hilarious, specially Narsha (BEG), Yuri and Sunny (SNSD) and Goo Hara (KARA).

  3. NARSHA! She is my fave member of BEG. I generally don’t listen to KPop, but love BEG and I need to get a hold of some of these. Oh, and SNDS is my other favorite KPop group, along with 2NE1

  4. I died laughing watching Kim Shinyoung. I mean, in Peruvian TV I get used to people doing singer impersonations, but they’re usually half-assed when it comes to the dancing. Old school were pretty funny lyrics though, but Shinyoung-unnie is like pretty awesome in dancing. Like WOW.

    I’ll try and get some other clips to get in the mood for IY, Julz~

    Bill, I know next to zero about Kpop xD

  5. Me too, except pretty much it all sounds the same. I got into Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) because of Abracadabra, 2NE1 (21), because of Jenny Bom, and found SNDS (Girls Generation. That is about all I know about KPop. BEG, and Narsha are may favorites though.

  6. Oh, and if you want to see some Brown Eyed Girls you should get the Red Bean Sherbet/Abracadabra video from MBC Music Core that is on JPopsuki. Red Bean Sherbet is so cute, and must be a kids song.

  7. if u guys want a lesson in kpop, let me know XD

  8. Just noticed that Hyomin from T-ara is in the G7. I simply must see this show! Probably on the Korean TV station in Chicago, just need to find out the day and time.

    Oh, and what is Soshi’s International forum?

  9. Nevermind, found it and registered, and will now be watching Invincible Youth.

    Oh, and you should D/l 2NE1 singing I Don’t Care and the video Fire + Talk + Individual Perf + Take A Bow (KBS 2009.07.19). Jenny Bom can do a pretty good Michael Jackson.

  10. Once I get my ratio balance (and the albums heard), I’ll queue those xD

  11. You don’t really need to even think about it until you download 5GB and then your ratio only needs to be .15. You ratio is almost 1 now, so you have nothing to worry about.

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