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April 23, 2009 — 8 Comments

… unless you’re buying something spectacular that can’t get shipped to Peru.

I did a test of after BBVA Banco Continental sent some promo, so I signed up. The promo had the, from where I get much of my stuff from so I thought I could do the test with my next shopping.

To avoid any swearing, this has been the experience…

  1. bought on (two-day shipping)
  2. 4 days had passed, no message from
  3. check website.
  4. order is there… why didn’t I get an email notification?
  5. order is there, but don’t know how to continue.
  6. customer service question, and complaint
  7. no response from customer service
  8. email notification my order is on-hold because credit card (still valid) is not going through. 2 days after it’s been sitting there…
  9. follow email instructions of  “change credit card” and “send email” – email has no custom info, how would they know it’s me? and what order?
  10. email from them saying they’re on time, and that package is being sent.

Now, let me tell you… I’m not complaining about their timing. I’m complaining about their system… a system with

  1. no notifications when something arrives to your inbox.
  2. no response from customer service.
  3. no emails saying “we’ve received your message”.

Comparing this order, with previous~~ I can tell is way more expensive than Amazon. Shipping per item cost has increased 100%… so eshopex is NOT worth the trouble. Unless you’re buying electronics, clothing online? etc etc that can’t get ship to Peru. CDs, DVDs, Books,  and probably all other websites selling and shipping international should be used.

Also, horrible SECURITY FLAW. Once you’re logged on, and surf out of your account page, you are able to hit “back” on your browser and continue working on your account. The site is impossible to navigate without losing your “log out” or “account” buttons.

4 1/2 Thumbs DOWN. The half-star comes from time… which they say it’s 2 days.

8 responses to Stay Away from

  1. That´s bullshit dude! i did order something trought eshopex ! and i havent experiment any problem at all, well im sorry about that , but at least my video gams and dvd arrived in perfect conditions ..
    no complains. i give 5 stars to them!

    • stephen allen July 16, 2015 at 2:14 am

      I have used them a couple of times with no problems but this last time I have the same problem all the same bullshit as the poor sod above they will scam you some where some how I think if they like what has been ordered they just thief it and give you the run around until you get sick of trying so DUDE they will get you.

  2. Maybe your order…

    but still, they do have a horrible interface design, interactive design, user experience, and customer service.

    thanks for the comment~

  3. eshopex is fucked up is pure scam.

    customer service is the worst ever they don’t respond to emails, when people call for a claims they hang up and stop answering.

    my package has been 1 month already in miami waiting for me to pay for shipping, but fuck them, they are charging 30% more than the actual cost of the package. I’ve been calling and sending emails, but this stupid scammers won’t answer.

    don’t use eshopex!

  4. Valdy José de Godoy Junior April 27, 2021 at 6:50 pm

    I have the same problem. Did someone receive your order?

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