Yu Aoi – Yesterday – Fanmade Vid by KenKen

April 5, 2009 — Leave a comment

Yu Aoi - FanMade Video - KenKen - YesterdayI almost never (almost sure) post fanvideos… especially if they just center on a real person, you know? I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted one… usually they make me eye-roll. It’s a whole other thing with shipping (not real people)~~ I can get a little nutz over shipping videos… though many suffer from what I’m about to describe below.

This video, however, I thought it was pretty good… like not Windows Movie Maker related. The music too, kinda reminded me a little of Kobukuro. xD

I’m pretty sure it’s all software/plugin related… and it’s really just a cool slide presentation, but still… like this screencap – looks good. Those bits at the beginning, very simple… very clean, and not showing Yu’s face. Mystery! xD

I really wish more fanmade stuff were like this, as 90% of everything out there is just put together with crappy-ripped/cam videos or widescreen footage stretch out like it’s fullscreen. Keep the aspect ratio, people!!! And then there are the ‘slides fanmade videos’ that just show photos one fading after the other… Come on, this video certainly could’ve gone the corny way~~~ being the video with a shot of Yu’s cute face next to the name on Comic Sans. O.O COMIC SANS!!! [why exactly designers hate comic sans] [7 examples of inappropriate use of comic sans] –

So here you  go… follow this link to watch the video.

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