Time to Test HMV Japan~

March 22, 2009 — 4 Comments

So much for my economy~~~ I went to YesAsia to check if they listed Yu’s new PB – almost had a heart attack with the price tag. Portugirl took way~~~ LESS time to get listed in YesAsia than Juri’s Ao Akua. It’s like instant! But COME ON! $45USD? !!???? Just for it? And I don’t even get free-shipping. So I just signed up to HMV Japan, because they are listing  Portugirl at almost half the price… + shipping, is costing around the same price YesAsia’s book. And Amazon JP’s listing it at $30USD + $30ish shipping here~~

Hooray for HMV’s international business plan. Now, don’t go all YesAsia on me and suddenly change your country zoning to charge me more… and don’t go all Amazon JP on me and suddenly charge 30 bucks for it.

Will report on how f ast, and how nice HMV is~~ Will YesAsia lose my business? And I do a lot of business, considering I’m broke but I keep on clicking. *tsk tsk*

4 responses to Time to Test HMV Japan~

  1. HMV is very good and very fast (at least for us here in Sweden)
    A problem that can occur is that your package gets stuck in customs and you have to pay for it, too many times that has happened here with HMV stuff. No clue as to why though…

  2. I think there might be the possibility you’re ordering too much (in price). Here, there’s a $100 limit, in which case you have to pick it up at the post office (sometimes it’s random, if they think you’re bringing weird stuff) – they open your mail and register it.

    Supposedly, books are tax-free… so I should be off the hook with Yu’s book.

    But if you were to order an electronic that is over $100, you’d be required to pay a certain tax. When I bought my new lenses, I was required to pay %30 of the price of the order. Still… that was cheaper than to buy it here. LOL’

  3. If there is a limit then we don’t know of it, we have even called customs and they couldn’t give us a straight answer. I received a mail from HMV saying that they were shipping my Toho album, let us see how long it takes to get here!!

  4. I know!

    Swede Post #1: Ja! What’s this funny writing on this package? I do not understand.
    Swede Post #2: Nej, jag inte understand that. Let’s better call her in~~~
    *call Julz*
    Swede Post #1: What is this you are bringing?
    Julz: Is the newest DBSK album.
    Swede Post #2: Oh, album you said? Bra! Ok, ok… you can go nu. xD

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