International Shipping Hurts my Economy~

February 6, 2009 — 7 Comments


I was just checking out to see if they already began listing AO AKUA, the photobook, and order from there… but they haven’t. By the way, GuuGuu is on the way~~~~ xD

Back on topic, so I went over to Amazon Japan to see if I could get AO AKUA from there, but before I tried anything I checked the international shipping rates~~ Turns out they just eliminated Economy International Shipping, and we outside Japan are left with Express International Shipping ONLY, which is UBER expensive.

For me, living in South America – 3 500 Yen for shipment of CDs/DVDs (roughly $35-40USD, and 4 400 Yen for Books) – like FUCK! More expensive than the goddamn item. LOL

*scratching joining off my list*

I got suggested HMV Japan, which is better in terms of shipping pricing, it seems~~

It takes into consideration the # of units (like YesAsia does) – my latest YesAsia order is 3 units, which would roughly translate to 2 100 Yen in HMV Japan ($20USD-25). Still kills me though~~~~

7 responses to International Shipping Hurts my Economy~

  1. The thing that bothers me is the fact that we get the urge to buy goods. Why do we buy goods? Like really why?? Why PB’s or posters? Why?
    I want to stop buying goods, but I can’t… I am so weak *sniff*

  2. Yes, I agree with the shipping charges. I live in the U.K. and I was trying to buy some Marquee magazines/book. I wanted to buy 2, price was about GBP15.00 for the books; Shipping was GBP32.93 I was gobsmacked :)

    Yep, Scratching off my list too.

    Thank you for your review here, I thought I would add this too. I nearly fainted at the shipping price. :)

  3. Thanks for your input, SJ. 32 quid for your order seems like a small fortune… LOL’ I remember once I was trying to get something from and almost fainted. xD

  4. Oh Amy, I buy from Amazon UK :), they are very good. Hmmm…Maybe Amazon are only good for domestic shipping for all there sites. I can’t afford there Express shipping. If I order over GBP5.00 on the Amazon UK site I get FREE shipping because I am in the U.K. but…..they don’t stock Japanese items, well very rarely.

    Its’ a shame though, I buy things from Japan, but are too expensive. I usually do my business with either YesAsia or or even CDJapan. They are alot better. I’ve actually put the order for the 2 marguee magazines with HMV Japan, the thing is… one is out of stock :) Oh dear… well don’t you just love internet shopping :)

    My input :) Your welcome Amy, happy shopping!

  5. I’m struggling to avoid buying stuff hahaha… such a sacrifice! Good luck on that out of stock item~~~ xD

  6. Cheers Amy :) Now, don’t you spend too much :)

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