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November 5, 2008 — 3 Comments

I do… I do like digital downloads, but can’t figured out WHY an eBook is as expensive as buying a book. Also, can’t understand why digital films are as expensive as buying a cheap DVD… and don’t get me started on music~~

Also… region restriction? Sucky. Digital should be for all.

Does anybody know good online stores for digital content available internationally?

For eBooks, I seemed to have found, who answered my email wondering if international users have access to the books there. They told me that some books have region restrictions, but that most are available to anyone.

But there’s the issue of price. Why is a digital book download cost as much as a paperback version? Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less… but still definetely pricier than it should be. With a quick google of the book by Ariel Levy “Female Chauvinist Pigs” on digital and hard copy, I ended up with a couple results. lists the download (in 3 formats) at $11.99 lists 4 formats varying prices: Adobe ($10.71), Palm ($11.21), M-soft ($11.55), Mobi ($13.39)~ lists its Mobi format at $16.99 lists its Kindle Edition at $9.59 (but you need an Amazon Kindle to read, listed at $359)

Compared those downloads to just a couple of hardcopies. – Hardcover at $16.50 – Paperback at $11.20 – Hardcover at $12.50

Isn’t the whole point of download that is cheaper to make, therefore should be cheaper to buy? Are distributors trying to make the same amount of money of a download, which doesn’t really need distribution in a conventional way?

3 responses to Digital Content Question~

  1. Hi Amy,

    Penny DVDs list all the DVDs that are currently selling for a penny on If that seller was selling internationally, then they would be available to you. I should mention that most of the stuff is VHS tapes but there are some very good DVDs if you drill into the site.

  2. It makes sense. I totally agree with you and once I get my paypal account I am going to join you!because I know these guys are gonna rip me off too.

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