Happy Two-Year-Using-WordPress!!

March 3, 2009 — 3 Comments

Today, two years ago, I began using WordPress!

I’ve gone through… several WordPress updates (some of them messing up with the website), many CSS styles~~~~ and a LOT of topic changes AND even MORE~~~ category additions~~~ and of course, one of the first proper posts was a rant, coz Amy loves ranting. xD However, in those days and age~~~ Amy ranted about many topics into one post~ the rant turned from a Dixie Chicks forum heated discussion, to how crappy Jennifer Hudson winning an Oscar was. LOL I still feel the same way though~~ Rinko Kikuchi so totally kicked major butt there~~~

Topics haven’t changed much actually… I still rant about Oscar, and AM so into Japanese films. Haven’t seen much Rinko Kikuchi since then though… as I am still waiting for Brothers Bloom to come out anywhere I might be able  to watch.

Similar to today, a year ago… well not exactly today, since I didn’t blog on March 3rd 2008 –  but 7th, I blogged Julyssa’s Greta Garbo’s book gift. WOOOOOOO – Julyssa!!! It’s been a year since that gift!! Thank you SOOOOO much. Greta Garbo photographs are sooooooo AWEsome. Ne? xD

So thank you, WordPress~ Two years together! xD

3 responses to Happy Two-Year-Using-WordPress!!

  1. OMG LOCA!! I think that we are celebrating two years as friends? perhaps more??? And Thank u for reminding me I need to pay you bday gift at ebay!
    (u are so gonna love me)

  2. Loca let me give you a debriefing on our history~~ xD

    It’s actually been 3 years since that fateful email, which I still got~~~ In fact, 3 days to the date~~ It’s almost our friendship anniversary! ^^

    March 8, 2006!!

  3. OMG!!! We need to celebrate!!!

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