GGs are so close!

January 2, 2009 — 2 Comments

Only 9 days left, no? How is your movie watching? I think I did a lot of movie watching over the holidays… only missing a few couples. Some predictions and comments after the break…

Best Motion Picture – Drama ~~~ I’ve seen 4/5. I’m only missing The Reader, but I’m inclined to say that Slumdog Millionaire could take this one, though I did enjoy watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. However, considering how Critic Awards are going… Slumdog is the safe choice.

Best Actress Drama ~~ 3/5 and I’m missing the ones I think can win. LOL’ I’ve heard wow things about Streep on Doubt, and also been anxious about seeing Hathaway on Rachel Getting Married… considering how things are going, those two have good chances. Also, Kate Winslet on Revolutionary Road.

Best Actor Drama ~~ Seen them all, sadly I was not ‘that’ impressed. DiCaprio was good on Revolutionary Road, but lack of other wins and nominations decreases his chances. The rest… Langella, Penn, Pitt and Rourke could be up for it – I’m one of those that thought Pitt was pretty good on Button – though considering how awards are going… Penn or Rourke (in a little lessdegree) are the safest choice.

Best Motion Picture – Comedy/Musical ~~~ 4/5. I did sort of enjoyed Happy-Go-Lucky, but the nominee I enjoyed the most was Vicky Cristina Barcelona, so I’m giving it my vote… though In Bruges could give the surprise, considering I haven’t seen it and everyone was surprised it even got nominated. xD

Best Actress Comedy/Musical ~~ 4/5, sorry haven’t seen Last Chance Harvey. I’d choose Rebecca Hall on Vicky Cristina Barcelona… but I’m pretty sure Sally Hawkins on Happy-Go-Lucky is the safest bet, considering some of the awards.

Best Actor Comedy/Musical ~~ 1/5 LOL, sorry no comments… xD

Best Animated Film ~~ Sorry, WALL-E. No competition there… though, it still baffles me how Waltz with Bashir didn’t get a Best Animated Film while getting a Best Foreign Film. Probably should’ve gotten two nominations…

Best Foreign ~~ What the frak! There’s no Let the Right One in???? *rolls eyes* By default (meaning, considering the things I’ve heard and the awards) I’ll choose Gomorrah. Though I’m still pissy that there’s no LtROi.

Best Supporting Actress ~~ Haven’t seen Doubt, so I’m short two nominees right there. Though, I’m partial to Penelope Cruz on VCB. Never have I enjoyed a Penelope role, as I have this one. And awards apparently agree with me~

Best Supporting Actor ~~ It’s fairly simple to say that Heath is the safe bet here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Philip Seymour Hoffman sweeps in here. I doubt it will be RDJ, but it would be a nice surprise.

Best Director ~~ As awards are going, Danny Boyle is the safest bet here. However, Fincher could sneak in here… but maybe that’s because I really enjoyed Button xD

Best Screenplay ~~ I think Slumdog is also a safe choice here.

Best Original Score ~~ 4/5 – Despite me enjoying Slumdog’s score, I think Benjamin Button has a better chance here.

Best Original Song ~~ 3/5 – I’ll pick The Wrestler as a safe bet, followed by WALL-E, and then Gran Torino.

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  1. My movie watching sucked, I saw nothing…. *shame*

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