Welcome 2009!

January 1, 2009 — 2 Comments

First post of the year!! How sad is this? 3am, and me is blogging. I’m actually sleepy… full of food and sleepy, so I think I did okay.

Welcome 2009 - Fireworks by Me

Yay! Those are fireworks at Amy’s family gathering. Sadly, it’s probably the last of the fireworks in here as they’re moving the gas tanks around. So… just like John Hammond in Jurassic Park, my uncle didn’t spare no expenses~~~ xD

Took a few shots of that with the tripod, which I almost never use… so I had fun crouching and being all uncomfortable with it to get some photos. I was also starving, coz we didn’t eat until 11pm or so which is uber late… considering we used to eat at 8pm on previous years. LOL’ But we had yummy food, and loads of leftovers which I will probably be eating during the course of lunch, dinner, lunch hahaha.

Anyway… if you wanna check out some of the photos -> lookie here.

2 responses to Welcome 2009!

  1. Amy’s New Year Resolution?

    Watch Battlestar Galactica before the show airs it’s last episode

  2. I’ll get to watch it, when you get to watch any Yu Aoi project, haha – and THAT doesn’t require over 50hrs of sitting… xD deal? hit me up on msn for the details of that xD

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