BAFTA Nods 2009!

January 15, 2009 — 2 Comments

Well, well~ I think I wasn’t too far off with my Oscar nod predictions with some BAFTA nominations. Biggest surprise? Kate Winslet competing against herself for Best Actress with The Reader and Revolutionary Road. Also… GREATEST thing in the world??? Best Animated Film with AMAZING nominees~~~ WALL-E, Waltz with Bashir & Persepolis! Persepolis was released in 2007, and it was up for an Oscar last time, but it gets to be nominated for a BAFTA, so  I am happy~~~ No Bolt around~~ AWESOME.

And~~~ Son of Rambow is up for The Carl Foreman Award (given to the British director, writer and/or producer for their first feature film). Anyway~~ who’s leading? Of course it’s Slumdog Millionaire with 11 nods, also leading… The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with 11.

And no worries… Anne Hathaway and Melissa Leo were probably overlooked because it’s likely their films hasn’t opened in the UK… they haven’t even been seen much in the US.

For the full list of nominees, go here~ Check back the comments for future quickie predictions.

2 responses to BAFTA Nods 2009!

  1. Dev Patel??? They’re only putting him here ’cause he’s a brit.

    TDK’s getting too much love there.

  2. Is he a brit? I haven’t checked that out~ I thought all actors were from India. And don’t go telling me that India is brit…

    TDK… do you want to upset the fans?? TDK got nods, but most of them were technical except for Heath’s which is expected now.

    I still think it was an okay year of films… though some people say it’s been a GREAT year. I feel I had much more trouble picking favorite films last year… and much more difficult in 2006 I think xD

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