AVG 8 Free, Win XP issues?

November 5, 2008 — 2 Comments

I have been googling about it, but haven’t found much. Will blog more later, coz I’m off to see Volver. Has anyone found issues with the AVG update of last monday or yesterday? Been having issues… just managed to uninstall AVG, and will write more here when I get my computer back online…

I am having a similar problem to the one I had when I did the last Silverlight Windows update.

Ok… back to my computer. According to the comments below,  AVG now works fine.

Anyway, there’s also the description of the problem… maybe someone can explain why it could happen, or how to fix.

The problem I had was with the Win XP interface. Whenever I tried clicking on the Start Menu, it would open for a blink and disappear. No right-click menu could be open… so basically the taskbar was not usable. On the desktop, any icon clicked to try to open a program would open the Property Window instead.

If by chance I managed to open Firefox to try and google, I couldn’t type anything at all. And if by chance I would type any letter (eg. “S”) that would open a menu item(eg. “History”), the menu would drop down. If I managed to open a website and try to click on a link, it would work as a right-click-save-link-as.

The only thing I could do was either restart or turn off the computer.

The first time this happened was on a Windows XP update of Silverlight, which was undone by a system restore. The second time is this with AVG. Does anyone know why? O_o

2 responses to AVG 8 Free, Win XP issues?

  1. Hi Amy

    Our apologies for the problems you’ve been experiencing. Build 199, which was released today, should fix everything.


  2. Thanks, Pat. I already uninstalled AVG and installed Avast, so maybe I will go back to AVG if Avast doesn’t work well.

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