Windows XP Update Made my Internet Connection Stop Working

July 8, 2008 — 4 Comments

Just an hour ago, I accepted the newest Windows XP system updates… I normally check what to update. I even checked once if I could get rid off Internet Explorer, but no luck there. Anyway, I accepted the update, and it downloaded fine, and it got installed~~

I restarted the system, and since I thought everything was fine. A minute later, I opened my torrents to continue download, and I went to watch the rest of the episodes of Wonderfalls on DVD. I finished watching one of the episodes, when I checked up on the download speeds only to find out they were all RED. Nothing was downloading, so I thought that maybe it was something with the torrent client, so I  tried login on my Messenger account, but it didn’t work either. SO, I opened any site on Firefox, which didn’t work either!

I couldn’t think of anything else that would make my internet stop working right after the restart, so I did a system restore to yesterday’s date. And now it works again. So I’ve decided to cancel the updates that the system is prompting once again…

Did anyone else have the problem? O_o

4 responses to Windows XP Update Made my Internet Connection Stop Working

  1. I thank God everyday for Mac!

  2. Yes, it’s happening to me, too, and I don’t know the fix. I had to uninstall those updates through Control Panel, and I’ve had to stop Automatic Updates altogether because it keeps force-reinstalling them.

  3. LOL’ No need to rub it in my face. xD

  4. Angevon,
    I read that the fix was having conflicts with external firewalls like Zonealarm.
    I also read something about not needing the fix, if you use a firewall not Windows related.

    You can receive the updates, and still handle them if you check the option to “download updates, but let me manually install them” thingy. I’ve got it like that, and once I restore the system, I just unchecked the updates, and checked the “don’t show me this update again” option.

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