So, it’s formatting time.

August 18, 2010 — 2 Comments

Ahhh… the dreadful formatting time. It’s been like 4 years since I last cleaned up my hard drive and did a clean install. Decided to do one because my computer has been sluggish… and since I did those updates to my drivers, it’s been wonky in the video and sound department too.

Lucky for me, now 95% of my stuff was already in an external hard drive, so all I needed to do was migrate all my video files (over 20 Gb)… which took like 2hrs, but it beats burning 5 DVDs for backup. Now let’s hope my Windows copy is still good for use, as well as my other software.

Modern day kitty gets the mouse!

Multiple blogging will possibly remain non-existent until I get this old comp back online… which I hope happens tomorrow, because I will get behind with work. Ah… so computer dependent xD

2 responses to So, it’s formatting time.

  1. Formatting is like giving a new lease on the life of your computer! Hope it gets better and faster for you :)

    • it was a nightmare, for some reason the ethernet driver wasn't working, so i had to use another computer to get the driver online. LOL I was up until 5am, until finally windows started updating. My sound card doesnt work yet U.U

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