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September 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

Random post of no fix topic ahead! Well, it’s been about a month or so since Olympics… and I’m kinda glad they’re over even if it brough thousands of hits, because… well, it also brough a lot of spam~ which sucks. So I’m kinda happy with the couple of hundreds that visit the site each day or so…

Also, to note of~~ I dunno if it’s the blog that’s doing better on rankings, or that Juri Ueno and Yu Aoi are becoming more popular (I’m more inclined to this one xD) – because their searches have increased a bit over here, which I’m glad of. xD

But no, I am NOT planning to buy Yu Aoi’s calendar for 2009, because… well, it’s my Peruvian brain in the works here. You see, growing up here made me think that calendars are skanky because 99% (if not 100%) of calendars published by stars here is skanky, with women clad in only their skimpy bikinis…… IF they have any clothing. LOL’ So photographic calendars, in my mind, will kind of remind me always of low-class. LOL’

It’s not that I think that Yu Aoi will do anything like that, it’s just my brain’s preconceptions… so for me, better to stay away. Amy does not actively buy calendars.

What else to talk about? I noticed that I’m way more er… ‘drawn’ to Asian guys, than Westerners… like seriously. I can go very fangirly with Asians actors and musicians… something that’s never trully happened with Occidental actors or musicians. xD Except Christopher Gorham, ha! My heart still goes dokidoki for him after all this years after Popular. xD – Luckily I don’t cross to the ‘stalkerish’ zone, at LEAST not often! xD

But it’s all about the work, right? More often than not?? 85% about the work… and call me elitist or weird, I tend to prefer not so popular over the popular. Must be one of those traces from high school, I was never in a group per se… which was kinda problematic sometimes, but I like diversity. Life was my buffet! LOL’ I seem to like weird or not so popular stuff, which makes for a quite a pricey buffet~~~

And I am a fairly loyal fan… I think, unless I’m utterly dissapointed, which is really hard to do~ because I can make excuses for those, REALLY. So something must really REALLY be dissapointing for me to stop being a fan. I am also not ashame of admitting something that could be perceived as bad, but turns out good. You know? An artist can come up with a good debut album, screw up for the 2nd to disappoint me, and make a good 3rd album and I’ll be glad to tell them it’s good. ^^

For example, I was a Britney Spears fan. Yes, yes… don’t mock me now. I was all over Baby One More Time… – like ALL OVER, you wouldn’t believe. I think I still remember one or two dance steps of all the singles that came out from that album. The next album wasn’t on the same level of fanaticism, but I was in until the video for Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know… maybe I changed, I dunno. Since then it was nto good for me, LOL’ – and I trully want her to wow me again someday. So when the time comes, and I’m wowed again, I’ll be happy to say she’s back. ^^

On the other side of this example is Pink. I’m still a fan of Pink, and own all her albums… even though comparing them showcases the great difference of quality from the first one. xD First impression of her was “WOW, that’s some cool pink hair.” Hahahahahaha. Anyway, I am anxiously waiting for her newest album which will be out next month~~~~ alongside the newest albums by Korean musician Seo Taiji, and the 2nd album by Norwegian musician Marit Larsen. So must find a new gig for money! *Kaching!* $$$

Anyway… my food has arrived! So must finish these ramblings and off to eat! Itadakimasu!

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