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June 10, 2008 — 1 Comment

Just a little bit on how this blog works. I haven’t properly blog, about me or my work… other than the occasional rant, you could say this is a very subjective variety blog. The topics are usually varied, but I get fanatical from time to time… mainly because there’s no one to talk with…

About a year ago, it was Celtic Woman. I was nuts about them [check here and here to see how many posts], listened to their song obsessively, and watched their dvds almost every day. Ha! Yes, I have bought Celtic Woman dvds, and AM a member at… even though I haven’t been an active member since my fanatical days ended. I do, however, still listen to them. That lasted 6 months, Word!

Then, it was one or two month of fanaticism aside, when I was watching various shows, films, and listening to a broad variety of music without getting much attached to anything. Then, around February, I was finally hooked again. This time to The L Word… hooked as in heroin junkie that needed a fix. Before Season5, I had only seen a few episodes of Season2, and ended up watching all 4 Seasons when I got hooked to S5. [look at all The L Word posts], and then around episode 6 or 7, I got completely addicted when my obsession with Sholly began [check Sholly posts] – When S5 ended, I thought I wouldn’t be able to wait until January 2009 for the next and last season, but I have been surprisingly okay.

Lucky for me, Marlee Matlin was on Dancing with the Stars for a long-enough period of time to fill in while I waited for the new episodes of House and Desperate Housewives. So, seriously… just trying to cope here. I was trying to watch shows I had been recommended, and ended up becoming a Bryan Fuller fangirl (but AM still a Whedon fangirl). I don’t blog much about them, but I enjoy their work quite a bit… more on that later.

[Lately, I’ve seen an increase on people looking for Clementine Ford (the other half of Sholly), and Sholly fanfics in general. And increasing searches as the days pass by…]

Anyway, around April, I began watching Last Friends after reading the ‘surrounding’ controversy… I knew I had to watch, and obviously noticing the last 5 previous posts… you can tell I am completely obsessed with it… and Asian music, and movies. And most importantly, am obsessed with Juri Ueno. Well, maybe not obsessed, but I’ve seen like 3 of her films (and 2 more on the go) and 2 shows (counting LF). She’s seriously FUN, to watch perform… to listen to. And she’s younger than me, how sucky is that for me, eh? Three months younger than me… GOSH! She’s like master disguise! Hahaha, her looks change quite a bit from one project to the other~

Also following…? Aoi Yu (Yu Aoi sounds nicer) – First time I saw her, I totally didn’t relate her character to the other one she played. She was on the Shunji Iwai film, All About Lily Chou Chou, and I just thought her character was the most interesting to me. Then she played Juri Ueno’s little sister in Shunji Iwai’s other project, Rainbow Song. They shared screen with Hayato Ichihara who is just so pretty to look at on Rainbow Song, but made me feel like a total perv on Lily Chou Chou because he looked so freakin’ young and pretty there.

Anyway, continuing with Yu Aoi here… after those two films, I saw Hula Girl – and holy shit! Who knew Asians could shake their booties like that!! It reminded me of the video I shot when I visited Hawaii. I also saw Hana & Alice, where Aoi plays Alice (or Arisu as in Arisugawa) and she was also really good. Damn, that ballet sequence at the end is quite the thing to watch. Yu Aoi gives “Chick Flick” a whole new level. xD

Many photos to share!!

Hayato Ichihara

Hayato Ichihara - Rainbow Song Hayato Ichihara Hayato Ichihara

Hayato Ichihara Hayato Ichihara

Juri Ueno

Juri Ueno - Nodame Cantabile Juri Ueno - Nodame Cantabile

Juri Ueno Juri Ueno Juri Ueno - Swing GIrls

Yu Aoi

Yu Aoi - Rainbow Song Yu Aoi - Canon Yu Aoi

Yu Aoi Yu Aoi Yu Aoi


Juri Ueno and Hayato Ichihara - Rainbow Song Juri Ueno and Hayato Ichihara - Rainbow Song Yu Aoi, Juri Ueno, Hayato Ichihara - Rainbow Song

All actors have their own ‘official site’ – apparently all Japanese actors do. LOL’
Juri Ueno ( – Thank you, Juri-chan for buying your domain. VERY professional.
Hayato Ichihara (Part of
Yu Aoi (Part of

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