Gosh, February Already!

February 1, 2009 — 4 Comments

Short days away from turning 23… O.o


*sighs* After that? At least on this blog… Grammy Awards, BAFTAs, Independent Spirits and Oscar! This is the first year I will be watching Independent Spirit Awards on television~~~ thanks to i-SAT who is now part of my cable provider! This is also the first year I get to vote for Indie Spirits~~~ I feel somewhat special… xD just for that.

Also, Coraline opens this week in the US, and next week here in Peru (even though it’s dubbed) – AND +++++ This month brings a new issue (2nd issue, in fact~) of YAM – if you haven’t read our first issue, do so here – this same week (same day as the Coraline opening day, in fact) Guu-Guu Datte Neko de Aru is out on DVD R2 wiht English subs~ My first Juri, first Japanese DVD ever. *excited*

Let’s see… what’s new? Of course, been watching The L Word (which conflicts with my Desperate Housewives watching, but thank god for torrents) – as well as United States of Tara. The only thing I gotta say about that is… Toni Collette + Diablo Cody + Steven Spielberd = LOVE.

I love Showtime, and if Cable Magico ever decides to include this in their line-up, they will totally rock.

I also started watching Yume wo Kanaeru ZOU (something like ‘grant my wishes, elephant’) starring Asami Mizukawa. OMG, the show~ so bad, but funny as hell. Like… all the supporting cast is kind of annoying, as well as thematic. I mean, a girl approaching her 25th b-day trying to find someone to marry and have a family of her own and a good life… *rolls eyes* – but I love Asami Mizukawa. LOL’ She is so totally underrated in her supporting roles, so I’ll take anything. Plus, she’s like totally hot. I almost never ever talk about Asian in terms of hotness~~~ sure there’s cute, cool… and somewhat attractive, but hot? It’s her certain matter-of-fact-ness, call it a certain je ne sais quoi. xD

Also on my list, Voice (VOISU) starring Eita. Not loving it either… like, I’m sorry I was very into CSI back in the day. I could appreciate the try sentimentality, but totally made me eye-roll.

I also began playing ping pong. I was a ping pong/table tennis player back in my primary school days. Picture 9-year-old, 10-year-old Amy on P.E. uniform and holding her gear. That was the only time I was ever in any school club, and that lasted about 2 months before I started skipping classes. LOL’ who was I kidding? I didn’t want to train, I wanted to play~

Wait! there should be more!!! I haven’t forgotten about Yu~~~ I’m still a fan, I love her to bits… and I saw One Million Yen Girl, but no subs. I am still looking for people who know Japanese, and want to help out on Yu Aoi fansubbing.

And yes, I know~ haven’t done a Film Discussion in almost a month, but can you blame me? Not much discussion, not much participation… also, Award Season is always kind of busy. Promise to get back on track after awards are done for the year.

Signing off,

4 responses to Gosh, February Already!

  1. your b-day is the 5th right? (I knew I had forgotten something…

  2. lol… yes, it is, hun! xD

    I dun know what to get you for yours~~~

  3. u are gonna have to wait for yours cus I ttly forgot so what ever I buy online is gonna take a while!! I think i know what 2 get u *evil laugh*

  4. but, but~~~ not fair! I dunno WHAT TO GIVE YOU!!

    You should publish an Amazon Wishlist, so I can get an idea…

    It’s not fair that you know because I have a list (or several), which you can get here.

    BTW, I so need to get an account on Amazon.co.jp so I can make Japanese stuff wishlists, or YesAsia needs to enable wishlisting~~~~~

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