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I thought I would also post this today, beginning of August!
Crap! Does time pass by f aster as you get older??
Or is the Earth turning faster than before? xD

I made this wallpaper sized 1680×1050 with calendar and Yu’s 24th B-day
all marked and really, with cheesy Japanese scribble by Amy included~~~

Also, hopefully… in two weeks time, YAM005.
If you haven’t read previous YAM issues, do so over here.

Yu Aoi - Aug Calendar 2009

I just needed a reason to post this beautiful, beautiful poster. LOL

Brothers Teaser Poster

Now that the trailer can be embedded from Trailer Addict, below the break xD

Thing is, I really didn’t care for the trailer – it’s so over the top… but the poster is gorgeous. And this is why you should take into consideration who your motion graphic designer is, as well as you print designer xD

This Teaser Poster is teasing me. buahaha.

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Despite whatever views I may have on Obama’s policy, decisions… or the lack of a firm position (and how much his ideas reminded me of the traditional Latin American candidates during their campaigns) – I do agree with many designers who point out how good his campaign is. The most throughly article I ever read (mind you, I read this a long time ago~~~ perhaps almost a year ago) was Expertinent: Why the Obama “Brand” Is Working – not only the thoughts and critic people involved in graphic design did, but also the comments on the article. Yes, there are a few bad-mouthing the article pointing out how they are not voting for Obama for his marketing, but there are a few others that are quite insightful too. Doing a quick search, you end up with articles such as The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Logo, which show the pretty awesome use of the Obama-branding… crazy I tell you. As well as NOTCOT’s Obama design post, Ten marketing lessons from the Barack Obama Presidential campaign, and How Better Marketing Elected Barack Obama.

So we all agree. Now, moving on…

So I’ve been Mood: Political for the past week, and I’ve been watching a lot of political shows (which I’m tired off, because I always end up grumpy and cursing interviewers to hell and back), but I’m S&M like that sometimes~

Anyway!!! I got curious, went online and looked up websites of the main political parties here in Peru. APRA, Unidad Nacional, Partido Nacionalista Peruano and… is Peru Possible still relevant? Anyway, I did search for them. I’ll just let you look at my captures instead…

Very 90’s… compared to Obama’s right? Lack of sophistication, graphical quality… but let’s even forget about apperances and focus on the content and its organization. These political Peruvian websites lack ANY information architecture, perhaps interface design needs… a lot of work?, and a total lack of interactive design. But my main problem with all of them is the amount of information, which obviously hasn’t been edited. So in short~~~ They lack structure, and they lack strong content. And don’t even mention the Unidad Nacional website which is just a placeholder saying it’s the website, it has a few links linking to .htm pages with NOTHING on them!


So now that we are in the Obama Era… the times of globalization, will the political parties take notice of this, and begin minding their design and content? Will good marketing finally matter here?

I may have to agree with something I remember Simon Cowell said~~ that politics in America were great because they were very engaging. Something to that extent… I remember, but can’t find the quote. LOL’  But I remember! That was the reason I watch a lot of CNN, and the voting results with their graphics. There was so much design to be seen there! And I had wished that Peruvian politics took their job that serious and stepped it up with their marketing. *sighs* If only!

Yu Aoi - FanMade Video - KenKen - YesterdayI almost never (almost sure) post fanvideos… especially if they just center on a real person, you know? I’m pretty sure I’ve never posted one… usually they make me eye-roll. It’s a whole other thing with shipping (not real people)~~ I can get a little nutz over shipping videos… though many suffer from what I’m about to describe below.

This video, however, I thought it was pretty good… like not Windows Movie Maker related. The music too, kinda reminded me a little of Kobukuro. xD

I’m pretty sure it’s all software/plugin related… and it’s really just a cool slide presentation, but still… like this screencap – looks good. Those bits at the beginning, very simple… very clean, and not showing Yu’s face. Mystery! xD

I really wish more fanmade stuff were like this, as 90% of everything out there is just put together with crappy-ripped/cam videos or widescreen footage stretch out like it’s fullscreen. Keep the aspect ratio, people!!! And then there are the ‘slides fanmade videos’ that just show photos one fading after the other… Come on, this video certainly could’ve gone the corny way~~~ being the video with a shot of Yu’s cute face next to the name on Comic Sans. O.O COMIC SANS!!! [why exactly designers hate comic sans] [7 examples of inappropriate use of comic sans] –

So here you  go… follow this link to watch the video.

Hi Amy on Letter Monsters

February 17, 2009 — 3 Comments

Flickr user JOEYBLOG made an alphabet in the shape of monsters to help his son learn it. Pretty cute and fun! I made myself a wallpaper.

hi amy wong - letter monsters

my handwriting sucks

November 12, 2008 — 4 Comments

I have never liked my handwriting, in the history of my handwriting… NEVER EVER liked it. I don’t usually write much anymore… other than the usual post-it (and post-it writing is always crappier than usual) or some notes. I seriously can’t tell when I last wrote something on paper… maybe Julyssa’s letter last last week? But then, she can probably tell you how crappy it is… and my Kanji… no comments. xD

So tonight, I decided to use the glass calligraphy pen (aka. my glass pluma) that Diana gave to me from her trip. ^^ – Gosh, you wouldn’t believe how hard I tried. xD

Practicing Crappy Calligraphy

In case you can’t understand my handwriting – “Hi, Diana! I wrote this with the pen you gave me. My hand-writing sucks BIG time. Sorry~ Amy Wong”